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Zuizen (瑞山 Zuisen?) and Keiun (恵雲 Eun?) are fictional characters from the Mobile Fighter G Gundam series.


Neo China's support crew and surrogate guardians to Sai Saici, a pair of Shaolin monks who are serious and spend most of their energy and time keeping the high spirited Sai Saici out of trouble. They are excellent martial artists and in desperation, once kidnapped Rain Mikamura in order to get Domon to defeat an impostor who stole the Dragon Gundam and posed as Sai Saici. Another time was after Sai Saici refused to train after their first encounter with the Devil Gundam, so they were planning to use Argo Gulskii to fight Sai Saici in order to help goad Sai Saici back into training by having him fight a strong opponent. They are often comic relief like their ward, and are old friends of Sai Saici's late father. Before he died, they promised to raise his son to revive the Shaolin Temple, a task that both they and Sai Saici take very seriously.



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