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Zoltan Akkanen (ゾルタン・アッカネン Zorutan Akkanen?) is one of the main antagonists of Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative. He is the pilot of the MSN-06S-2 Sinanju Stein.

Personality & Character

27 years old. A Lieutenant in the army of the Republic of Zeon, he aims to capture the Phenex and is the pilot of the Sinanju Stein. Like Full Frontal, the leader of the Neo Zeon remnants, the Sleeves, he is a Cyber-Newtype created as a second coming of Char Aznable. However, he is deemed to be a failed version - a fact he is extremely insecure about. He has little regard for the live of others, as he did not hesitate to fire his beam weapons in a space colony.

Skills & Abilities

As a Cyber Newtype, he has no problem controlling Psycommu armament as shown when he used the II Neo Zeong's Psycho Shard to devastating effect. His red eye is a prosthesis with a built-in psycho sensor.




Notes & Trivia


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