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This is article about character from Superior Defender Gundam Force. For the mobile suit or EX A character please go to XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero or Zero Murasame.

Zero, the Winged Knight (翼の騎士ゼロ) is a character from Superior Defender Gundam Force.

Personality & Character

A Knight Gundam sworn to protect Lacroa and its royal family, Zero was spirited away to Neotopia two years ago in the hopes he would find a way to combat the Dark Axis occupation. He ultimately teamed up with Neotopia's own Gundam defenders when the Dark Axis launched a campaign there. Flamboyant and noble, Zero sees himself as something of a gentleman and has an ego to match. He's easily swayed by women, especially damsels in distress. When out of combat, he often uses his magic to produce flowers to the annoyance of his teammate Bakunetsumaru, usually on the tip of his swords. Despite this, Zero is an important figure in a Lacroan prophecy, which regards him as the "Chosen One" who will save Lacroa.

Skills and Capabilities

Like many Lacroan natives, Zero has access to a degree of magical powers. His most noted his the ability to fly. He is able to summon his sword, the Vatras Sword, and shield, which enables him to use magic attacks. His spells include: I-Field, a protective barrier; Lacroan Crescent, a horizontal beam attack; and Zero Dispell Sword, which nullifies magic, such as the magic used to transform Pawn Leos. His ultimate attack is the Super Magical Violet Tornado, a strong wind gust filled with Princess Rose petals. He is also able to summon a Mana circle as a physical platform for others to stand on, and can manifest roses. His powers and abilities are enhanced when combined with the power of the Feather Dragon. In his Zero Custom form, Zero obtains a set of purple and white armor, large feathery wings, and a pair of swords that can be fused into one larger sword. His special attack in this form is Super Spirit Magic Infinity Winds. If Zero is unable to use magic, his abilities are severely limited. He is not able to fly above an altitude of 10m, and cannot summon his weapons if magic is somehow blocked.



When Lacroa was invaded by the Dark Axis, Zero and the rest of the Knight Gundams were dragged into war. However, the tide of the battle quickly turned against the. The remaining Knight Gundams, Rock, Batol, Nataku, and Deed remained behind as Zero escorted Princess Rele to safety. Before Rele succumbed to the effects of petrification, she transported Zero to Neotopia. As told in a prophecy, Zero was to become the savior of Lacroa after locating allies in another dimension.  Unfortunately, Deed betrayed his comrades and allied himself with the Dark Axis. Now known as Deathscythe, the Knight of Darkness, he began to serve under Tallgeese.

Arrival in Neotopia

Zero soon makes his arrival in Neotopia as he rescues Shute's neighbor, Sayla, from a nasty fall. Once she's safe, Zero aids Shute and Captain in taking out the Control Horn possessing a Swan Boat that had been planted by Grappler Gouf. As a result of Sayla reminding him of Rele, Zero addresses her as "Princess Sayla", and promises to be there to help her when she's in trouble.

However, during their next battle with Grappler Gouf, Captain and Zero are captured and taken back to the Dark Axis, allowing them a chance to gaze upon the Magna-Musai and Dark Axis HQ, before aid from Shute, who had followed them back, allows them to use the Zakorello Gate to return to Neotopia, where they soon land on the SDG Blanc Base, and Shute is officially sworn in as the newest member of the SDG and the Gundam Force, with Zero and Captain in attendance.

Their duty is soon summoned again when Dr. Bellwood's Dimensional Transport Device falls under attack from Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf, and Destroyer Dom. In the fight that follows, the device summons the Musha Gundam Bakunetsumaru and his steed, Entengo, from Ark, allowing the Gundam Force to take out the Dark Axis forces, but not without severely damaging the Dimensional Transport Device, rendering it inoperable for some time, so neither Zero, nor Bakunetsumaru, could return to their homelands.

Stuck in Neotopia for the forseeable future, Zero and Bakunetsumaru gain a heated rivalry with each other, but work together as friends to fight off repeated attacks from the Dark Axis. At one point, Zero is summoned to protect Sayla at the Neotopia Bakery, which had fallen under attack by Destroyer Dom and two Zako Soldiers, who had taken control of the Pastry G.M. with a Control Horn. As the Zako Soldiers release BaguBagu to petrify the giant birthday cake for Mayor Margaret Gathermoon, for a moment, Zero sees Sayla immobile and a gray color, making him believe she had been petrified as well, reminding him of Rele's fate, and demoralizing him. Thankfully, Sayla reveals herself to only be covered in flour and is still flesh and blood, allowing Zero to regain his will to fight, and soon joined by Captain and Bakunetsumaru, they are able to defeat Destroyer Dom and his men.

As Zero continues to defend Neotopia with Captain, Baku, and Shute, at one point, a malfunction in Bell Wood's Dimensional Transport Device while it was undergoing repairs sends the group to Lacroa, where Zero is soon entrusted with the egg of the Feather Dragon by the triplets of Noa, Coa & Doa. When Tallgeese later comes to Neotopia to confront Zero with Mercurius and Vayete, the Feather Dragon allows Zero to defeat Tallgeese and escape the dimension where Tallgeese had trapped him for their battle before it collapsed, leaving Tallgeese trapped for the foreseeable future.

Later, as Zero is helping Mayor Margaret with her latest movie with Shute, Captain, and Baku, Zaku, Gouf, and Dom attack the SDG Blanc Base in a Big Zam, forcing it to be evacuated. This was merely the vanguard for a full-scale invasion by the Dark Axis, led by the Four Doga Commanders and their Doga Bombers. Soon, the Magna-Musai arrives, transforms into the Horn of War, and Commander Sazabi appears, claiming Captain's stolen Soul Drive as his ultimate prize. However, a joint effort by Zero, Baku, and Shute sees the Soul Drive returned to Captain, allowing him to face Sazabi one-on-one, resulting in the destruction of both Sazabi and the Horn of War, ending the Dark Axis invasion.

Return to Lacroa

With the invasion of Neotopia wiped out, the Gundam Force salvages everything they can from the invasion to use for their new mission to liberate Lacroa and Ark from the Dark Axis. Among the salvaged Dark Axis equipment is the Magna-Musai, rebuilt as the Gundamusai, alongside Zaku, Gouf, Dom, their Zako Soldiers, and the Zakorello Gate. However, upon their first attempt to reach Lacroa through the Zakorello Gate, interference from the three Dark Axis lieutenants and their troops cause the Gundamusai to end up within the Dark Axis headquarters, resulting in the Gundam Force having their first encounter with the true leader of the Dark Axis, General Zeong, his science officer and second-in-command Professor Gerbera, and their ally in Ark, the Musha Gundam Kibaomaru. In the confusion, the Gundam Force rescue the young Musha Gundam Genkimaru before being banished into the Minov Boundary Sea, where they remain for some time until an attack by Tallgeese with the Evil Sword Epyon results in them returning to Lacroa.

Once there, they begin the search for Princess Rele to restore her from her petrified state. Early on, they find who they believe to be her, but it is actually a fake made by Deathscythe to gain possession of the White BaguBagu to restore the real Rele for him to marry. When they confront Deathscythe in his lair and find the real Rele there, the fake is forced to choose whether to give the White BaguBagu to Deathscythe, or return it to the Gundam Force due to her friendship with Shute she had made in the short time with him on the Gundamusai. When the fake Rele chooses Shute and returns the White BaguBagu to the Gundam Force, Deathscythe punishes her by turning her back into the Princess Rose he had created her from, to Shute's devastation. Nevertheless, with help from the Feather Dragon, Zero defeats Deathscythe, recovers the real Rele, and retreats to the Gundamusai before it is sent back into the Minov Boundary Sea from the energy backlash of the conflict with Deathscythe.

Onward to Ark

With the real Rele safe with the Gundam Force, she is soon restored to flesh and blood, and after learning of the events that occurred while she was petrified, including what happened to the fake her, she joins Zero with providing the Gundam Force whatever aid she could muster with her magic, before the Gundamusai is attacked by Gerbera, resulting in Captain Gundam being critically damaged and needing to be sent back to Neotopia for emergency repairs. After Captain is sent back to Neotopia, Kibaomaru attacks the Gundamusai, and manages to kidnap Shute and Rele while Zero, Genki, Baku, and the others struggle to save the ship before the Dai-Shogun of Perfect Virtue allows them to make it safely to Ark. However, they are soon captured by Britainmaru's forces and imprisoned, but are later released after Bakunetsumaru is able to use the Baku Shin Armor to fend off an attack from a Big Zam commandeered by Zapper, Grappler, and Destroyer. After Shute and Rele escape Tenchijo Castle of their own accord, Zero joins Britianmaru's army in fighting Kibaomaru's army, soon joined by a fully-repaired and upgraded Captain Gundam. However, after Genkimaru is able to take control of Daishinshou and defeat his estranged father Kibaomaru, but can't bring himself to kill him, Gerbera, Zeong, and the Dark Axis HQ arrive in Ark so the General can carry out his endgame.

Luckily for Zero, the Feather Dragon returns, allowing him to assume his stronger Zero Custom form. Joined by Hyper Captain and Bakushinmaru, and supported by Kibaomaru and Britainmaru's armies, alongside Chief Haro, Juli, GunPanzer, GunEagle, and the GunChoppers, they seem to give General Zeong a run for his money, until he moves to capture Shute in his giant Dark Soul Drive in an attempt to break the Gundam Force by corrupting the source of their strength and power like he had done to Gerbera/Madnug. However, a joint effort by Captain, Zero, and Baku results in the General's Dark Soul Drive being destroyed, Shute rescued, and the General's body destroyed. His head survives, however, and attempts to launch his endgame to wipe out the universe. Luckily, the Zakorello Gate arrives after being summoned by his son, Chibirello, and Paparello redirects Zeong's attack so the only casualty is the Dark Axis HQ. Having drained himself vastly from using his attack and needing time to build up enough power to use it again, Zeong tries to escape, but a joint effort by Captain, Zero, Baku, Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf, and Destroyer Dom sees to the end of General Zeong once and for all.

Time to Return Home

With General Zeong destroyed, the Dark Axis was gone, and that meant it was time for the Gundam Force to part ways and disband. While Baku and Entengo remain in their homeland of Ark to help with rebuilding alongside the Dark Axis remnants that become part of Genkimaru's Genki Energy Force, Kibaomaru goes with Zero, Rele, Captain, and Shute to travel to Lacroa to restore it to its former glory. Once Rele's father, the King, and the rest of the people are restored from their petrified states, Zero remains in Lacroa with his princess and king to help with the rebuilding there, but sees off the Gundamusai as he, Rele, and the priests provide the portal to send Captain, Shute, and the rest of the Neotopian SDG forces back to Neotopia.

A New Adventure

Some time later, Zero is reunited with his fellow SDG operatives when their help is needed once more, with Rele joining the team with her own Gundam Force uniform, and the Dai-Shogun provides them the portal to set off on their next adventure.

Zero joins everyone on the stage for the Zako Zako Hour to thank the viewers and say goodbye.


Regular Form

Zero's regular form. In this, he has a cape which grants him the power of flight.

Zero Custom, the Knight of Silver Wings

After nursing Fenn to full health, Zero discovers that his friend's true form is that of the powerful Feather Dragon, one of Lacroa's most powerful spirits. By merging with the matured Fenn, Zero becomes the much more powerful Zero Custom, the Knight of Silver Wings. In this form Zero wears angel-like armor and has access to a Twin Buster Sword which can split in two. He also gains a number of powerful new attacks, strongest of which is the mighty Infinity Winds.

In SD Gundam Force Showdown! video game, Zero also has five new forms, plus a secret form that can be unlocked by inputing cheat codes in Kao Lyn's lab.

  • Aquarius Form: This form, reminiscent of the clear blue sea, evades enemies with its fluid and graceful movements and defeats them all with the impact of the Big Wave!
  • Chronos Form: This form, with a captivating black luster, is worn by Lacroa's mobile force, the Chronos Knights. Its attack can transcend space to slash enemies at range.
  • Cyclone Form: Violently fast and sharp, the Whirlwind Blade hums in the air! Then the Beam Arrow strikes as multiple arrows, creating a shockwave and summoning a storm to blow everyone away.
  • Luxion Form: This form, made of light, is only permitted to be worn by Lacroa's Royal Elite Guard. It pierces all darkness and obliterates all who stand in the way with its arrows of light!
  • Paladin Form: Granted with the divine protection of the spirits, this form unleashes its anger in the form of bolts of lightning. There's also a million volt area attack!
  • Cross Britis Form: A hidden form.



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