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Zeonic is a company that develops most of the mobile suits for the Principality of Zeon in Mobile Suit Gundam.


Zeonic is a civilian company that develops the first mobile suits, and goes on to become the Principality of Zeon's main mobile suit supplier. Zeonic is responsible for the development of the MS-05 Zaku I and MS-06 Zaku II, as well as later models like the MSM-04 Acguy and MS-14 Gelgoog. The Zeonic Company rival is Zimmad Company which is a civilian company that develops many of the weapons used by the Principality of Zeon, including the mobile suits MS-09B Dom and MSM-03 Gogg. Both companies try to outdo each other by introducing new variant types, new models, and special features that no other mobile suits have.

After the One Year War, the company merges with Anaheim Electronics, and its facilities at the lunar city of Granada become one of Anaheim's main mobile suit factories. Many of Zeonic's engineers likewise continue their work as Anaheim employees, though some reportedly flee to the asteroid base Axis along with the defeated forces of the Principality.

Known Members

  • Elliot Rem - Born in U.C. 0039 at Side 1. He graduated from an Earth Federation comprehensive university and graduate school with degrees in space engineering, nuclear physics, and general astronautics, as well as a license to operate small spacecraft. Subsequently moving to Side 3, he joined the Zeonic Company and was placed in charge of designing worker machines.
  • May Kauwin - A child prodigy and a talented Zeonic engineer who accompanied Lt. Ken Bederstadt's Foreign Legion force. She worked in Anaheim Electronics after the One Year War.
  • Mario Antinescu - A former scientist working for Zeonic with contributions in the field of human engineering, he resigned from his posts after working at Granada. He was a member of the secret society "Valkyrie", whose main objective was the assassination of Zeon leader Gihren Zabi. He was murdered in his home by an unknown assailant.



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