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The Zanzibar II-class is a variant of the Zanzibar-class from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Zanzibar II-class cruisers were an upgrade from the Zanzibar-class, gaining an additional four two-barrel beam turrets, which made the ship as powerful as a Federation's Magellan-class battleship. It was capable of carrying eight mobile suits, and same as the original, it could replace four mobile suits with a mobile armor on its hangar.

The ship also featured a mobile suit launch catapult on the side of its hull, as well as a rear launch or recovery deck located between the engines. It was also capable of better atmospheric flight due to a more aerodynamic design and the increase of thrusters, mounting six primary thrusters instead of four.


  • Twin Mega Particle Gun

The Zanzibar II-class is armed with two twin mega particle cannons in turrets, one on the ship's dorsal hull aft of the bridge, and one on the ventral hull in a chin mount.

  • Twin Mega Particle Secondary Gun

In place of the Zanzibar-class's retractable mega particle cannons, the Zanzibar II-class is armed with four twin secondary mega particle cannons. Unlike the cannons of its predecessor, the twin cannons of the Zanzibar-II class are capable of moving around.

  • 120mm Twin Cannon

The Zanzibar II-class is armed with eight 120mm twin cannons for AA/AMS defense. Four are mounted on the dorsal hull behind the twin dorsal mega particle gun, and four are mounted on the ship's ventral hull. They are rapid fire and ideal for defending against small and fast targets like mobile suits, missiles, or fighters, but they are virtually useless against other ships. These guns are mounted in retractable hatches.

  • J-Missile Launch Tube

Like the Zanzibar-class, the Zanzibar II-class is armed with two large launch tubes, each capable of firing a large J-missile, which was capable of seriously crippling or even destroying a ship in a single attack.


At least one Zanzibar II-class ship, the Lili Marleen, was used as a flagship for the Cima Fleet during Aiguille Delaz's Operation Stardust.

The Lili Marleen was destroyed during the final phase of Operation: Stardust by the Earth Federation's experimental Mobile Armor, the RX-78GP03D Gundam "Dendrobium Orchis".

The Zanzibar-class ships are seen in Mobile Suit Gundam, The 08th MS Team, and Gundam 0083. In U.C. 0090, at least three Zanzibar II-class cruisers are used by the 32nd battalion "Desert Liner", 19th Regiment, and the 33th Independent Battalion "Night Shade" remnant forces of the first Neo Zeon movement in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Return of Zeon.





Action Figures

Notes & Trivia

  • The Zanzibar II cruiser Lili Marleen of Cima Fleet is named after the eponymous German love song performed by Lale Andersen and later by Marlene Dietrich during the 1940s.


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