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Zanscare Empire
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Zanscare Empire is the name adopted by spacenoids rising against the Earth Federation, after queen Maria and the Gattle party established the Empire in the late UC 140's.


Leading a life of extreme poverty, a young Maria discovers her supernatural ability to heal people. Maria Pia Ammonia using her profits as a healer soon opens a consultation bureau at Albanian colony in Side 1 (L5). As her popularity spreads rapidly, she is elevated to an almost sacred status, Maria Pia Armonia begins to propagate her ideas that most social crises are caused by male leaders and advocated the establishment of a matrilineal society. A Maria group forms and petitions the Albanian colony government to form a political party while her staff publishes Maria’s teachings. In UC 0145, Maria Pia Ammonia meets Fonse Kagatie, formerly of the Jupiter Fleet and supports her politcally. The Maria group becomes radical and the Gattle Party is formed as its political extension and becomes a third party in the government assembly of the Amelia colony in Side 2 (L4). In a show of force, A group of corrupt ministers are executed on the guillotine and the Gattle Party takes power in Amelia.

Zanscare War

In UC 0149, The establishment of the Zanscare Empire is proclaimed at Side 2 (L4). During the events of Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, Fonse Kagatie reveals the real purpose hidden in the war against the Earth Sphere was to purge the human race with the ultimate newtype weapon, the Angel Halo. By the end of the devastating last battle on UC 0153.06.23, nearly all key members of the Zanscare Empire had been killed including Fonse Kagatie and Maria Pia Armonia and although it is never revealed at the end of the series, it is speculated that the Zanscare Empire collapses soon after.


The capital of the Zanscare Empire is the Side 2 colony Amelia. In theory, the Empire is ruled by the Newtype queen Maria Pia Armonia, but the actual leader is Fonse Kagatie, also secret president of Jupiter Republic Alliance. Fonse Kagatie, as leader of the Gattle party, is actually the true ruler, making most of the military decisions and using queen Maria as a figurehead. Their Mobile Weapons are provided by BESPA, formerly a Side 2 branch of SNRI. Some of the Empire ace pilots are: Cronicle Asher, Arbeo Pippinden and the League Militaire defector Katejina Loos.

The Zanscare are known for their tendency to use execution as a form of punishment, most notably, the guillotine. Another method is the release of the condemned into the vacuum of space, causing the person to die through starvation or asphyxiation. It is also notable that Zanscare's own soldiers are not exempt from execution, and failure on the battlefield can result in immediate condemnation. This is most likely used to motivate other officers within Zanscare through fear and generally to keep them in line.

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