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The emblem of the Zanscare Empire

Zanscare Empire is the name adopted by spacenoids rising against the Earth Federation, after queen Maria and the Gattle party established the Empire in the late UC 140's.


The capital of the Zanscare Empire is the Side 2 colony Amelia. In theory, the Empire is ruled by the Newtype queen Maria Pura Armonia, but the actual leader is Fonse Kagatie, also secret president of Jupiter Republic Alliance. Fonse Kagatie, as leader of the Gattle party, is actually the true ruler, making most of the military decisions and using queen Maria as a figurehead. Their Mobile Weapons are provided by BESPA, formerly a Side 2 branch of SNRI. Some of the Empire ace pilots are: Cronicle Asher, Arbeo Pippinden and the League Militaire defector Katejina Loos.

Queen Maria of the Zanscare Empire

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