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The Zamouth Garr-class is a battleship from Mobile Suit Gundam F91 animated film.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Zamouth Garr is the flagship of the Crossbone Vanguard fleet, which also serves as Iron Mask's base of operations. Like all Crossbone Vanguard vessels, the Zamouth Garr has a retractable bridge which slides into its hull for extra protection during battle. The ship itself can separate into four sections - prow, stern, and two catapult decks. The prow section deploys the automated anti-personnel weapons known as Bugs, and the stern section contains the XMA-01 Rafflesia.



In UC 0123, the Crossbone Vanguard began their campaign against the Frontier colonies and the Zamouth Garr was the flagship of their operation. Captained by Gillet Krueger and the flagship of Iron Mask, the Zamouth Garr was the base of operations for Iron Mask and his sinister plans for the Frontier side.

After the failure of the operation and the death of Iron Mask, the ship's fate is unknown.


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