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Zakuto (殺駆頭 Zakuto?) also known as Yami Shogun (闇将軍 Yami Shōgun?, Dark General) is the leader of the Army of Darkness and head of Gundam Castle in SD Gundam Sengokuden. He also appears in the final episode of SD Gundam Mk III.

Personality and Character

Zakuto is an arrogant leader who likes to keep his identity secret, even from his subordinates. He hides behind a screen and has the ability to use a Replacement Technique to further conceal himself.

He appears in three different forms: Yami Shogun (闇将軍 Yami Shōgun?), Warrior Form (武者形態 Musha Keitai?), and Light Armor Type (軽装タイプ Keisō Taipu?).


Zakuto was responsible for the construction of Zuum City. Immediately after completing it he had arrogantly sent notice of this to the Gundam Clan, inviting them to send a ninja to verify this fact. Instead the leader of the Gundam Clan at Gundam Castle, Shogundam, decided to send the ninja Onmitsu to verify the identity of Zakuto instead.

During Onmitsu's mission he was blasted in to Zakuto's tower just as Zakuto was congratulating him on Zuum City's completion. Onmitsu went up and down the tower, passing by Zakuto's location and eventually managed to take a picture of him, but the picture showed only his silhouette as he had used a Replacement Technique. Zakuto disappeared when Zuum City was destroyed, however the Gundam Clan believe him to still be alive.

Standard Armaments


  • Evil Claw (邪爪 Yokoshimatsume?)
  • Slughter (邪殺 Yokoshimaya?)


  • Darkness Sword (暗黒剣 Ankokuken?)
  • Darkness Cannon (暗黒砲 Ankokuhō?)
  • Lightning Blade (雷光丸 Raikomaru?)



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