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MS-05M Zaku I Blaster Mari Custom is a variant of the MS-05 Zaku I appearing in the Manga Magical Ensign Blaster Mari. It was piloted by Blaster Mari.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Nothing more than a obsolete but customized Zaku I, the MS-05M Zaku I Blaster Mari Custom lives up to its name due to is magical girl pilot Blaster Mari. The mobile suit has the same specs from the Zaku I but only modified a bit for Mari's fighting style as well with the help from magic.


  • Magic Wand

The Magic Wand carried by the MS-05M Zaku I Blaster Mari Custom is actually a clothes beater in disguise. When young Mari transforms into Blaster Mari, the clothes beater becomes a magical wand and, when she takes up the Zaku I, the wand is transferred and supersized to the Mobile Suit. She used the wand to punish a group of invading GM by actually spanking them and later smashes a RB-79 Ball Magnetic Coating Type away during a baseball game. When the original wand is destroyed Char Aznable, of all people, would give her a second wand (actually a fly-swatter) to save the day. When this one was destroyed, Blaster Mari's career was over.


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