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The Zaku I Blaster Mari Custom is a variant of the MS-05 Zaku I appearing in the Manga Magical Ensign Blaster Mari. It was piloted by Blaster Mari.

Technology & Combat Characteristics


  • Magic Wand

The Magic Wand carried by the MS-05M Zaku I Blaster Mari Custom is actually a clothes beater in disguise. When young Mari transforms into Blaster Mari, the clothes beater becomes a magical wand and when she takes up the Zaku I, the wand is transferred and super-sized to the Mobile Suit. She used the wand to punish a group of invading GM by actually spanking them and later smashes a RB-79 Ball Magnetic Coating Type away during a baseball game. When the original wand is destroyed by Char Aznable, of all people, he would give her a second wand (actually a fly-swatter).


The MS-05M Zaku I Blaster Mari Custom first came to being when Blaster Mari, having just first came into being, stumbled into the cockpit of an old MS-05 Zaku I. With her magic wand, she ended up quickly overcoming her inexperience by driving off a set of GMs looking for a hidden weapon within her colony. She would use this suit to help protect her family and the colony from the Federation attacks, though family problems would lead Mari to take the suit to stop another Federation assault in frustration only for her to lose her original wand in the process. However, when it's revealed that the secret Zeon weapon WAS the colony, Char Aznable (who had apparently rescued her) gives her a second wand to save those in the colony. The Zaku was abandoned as Blaster Mari took over the colony suit and saved it, ending her career.

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