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The Zaku I Blaster Mari Custom is a variant of the MS-05 Zaku I appearing in the Magical Ensign Blaster Mari manga. It was piloted by Blaster Mari.

Technology & Combat Characteristics


  • Magic Wand
The Magic Wand is in reality a carpet beater. When Mariko transforms into Blaster Mari, the carpet beater enlarges into a Magical Wand that is large enough to be used by a mobile suit. This armament was used to spank attacking RGM-79 GMs and was later used like a baseball bat to knock RB-79 Balls away. The original wand was destroyed by the Red Comet, who would give her a replacement wand (which was initially a flyswatter).


The Zaku I Blaster Mari Custom came into being when Blaster Mari, who transformed for the first time, stumbled into the cockpit of an old MS-05 Zaku I. With her magic wand, she transformed it using her magic, overcoming her inexperience by driving off GMs looking for a hidden weapon within her colony. She would use this mobile suit to protect her family and the colony from the Federation attacks, though family problems would lead Mari to take the suit to stop another Federation assault. Due to her frustration during the fight, she lost her original Magic Wand armament. When it is revealed the colony itself was in fact the secret weapon, the Zaku Z (Zaku Zed). Char gives her another magic wand to save the colony. The Zaku I Blaster Mari Custom was abandoned as Mariko took over the Zaku Z's controls to save the colony.


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