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Zako Busshi (ザコブッシ, Zako Busshi) are a group of characters in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


As part of the alliance between Kibaomaru and the Dark Axis, his new allies provide him with forces to increase his military might. For this purpose, Professor Gerbera designed the Zako Busshi: a mix of the Zako design with Ark culture.

Zako Busshi Hour

Just like Zako Soldiers, Zako Busshi have their own meetings where they discuss various things in Ark and the war. These meetings take place in an open air stage outside of Tenchijo. The hosts of these meetings have the same kind of microphones used by the hosts of the Zako Zako Hour. In the English dub the hosts of the Zako Busshi Hour have the same voices as the hosts of the Zako Zako Hour.



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