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ZMT-S35S ZMT-S35S Rig Ring

ZMT-S35S Rig Ring
Unit Type

Prototype Newtype-use Space Mobile Suit


Model Number
  • ZMT-S35S
First Seen

General Characteristics

Pilot Accommodations
  • Pilot only (in panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in torso)
  • Scattering Mega Particle Cannon
  • 2 x Shot Claw
Special Equipments and Features
  • Ring Psycommu System

The ZMT-S35S Rig Ring is a Psycommu-Use Mobile Suit appearing in SD Gundam G Generation games.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Built to resonate with the Pyschowaves of the fortress Angel Halo and spread them all across the planet, the Rig Ring are prototype mobile suits equipped with a copy of the Ring Psycommu System. This system is powerful enough to allow the Rig Ring to broadcast its own psychowaves, but only in a localized area. Also, the unit is also equipped with shot claws like the ZM-S14S Contio as well as a scattering mega particle cannon, giving it good combat capabilities.


  • Scattering Mega Particle Cannon
  • Shot Claw

Special Equipment & Features

  • Ring Psycommu System


But due to these features, it's production is canceled due to change of plans against both League Militaire and the Earth Federation Forces.


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