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The ZGMF-X3000Q Providence ZAKU is an experimental mobile suit featured in the original design series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny MSV and is piloted by Rinna Sera Yasaka.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Providence ZAKU is developed as a testbed for the design and systems of the ZGMF-X666S Legend Gundam, and is a fusion of the ZGMF-X13A Providence Gundam with the ZAKU series. It is powered by the Hyper-Deuterion Engine, however since a nuclear reactor is against the Junius Treaty, ZAFT covered it up by not giving it the ‘A’ suffix for nuclear powered MS. The main armament of the Providence ZAKU is its DRAGOON system, which consists of ten DRAGOON pods, mounting a total of 26 beam guns. To control these pods, the cables around the suit's body are fitted with the transceivers for the DRAGOONs’ quantum communication system. The cables also contain the cooling system for the suit's nuclear reactor. The suit can also use a handheld beam rifle and can be optionally equipped with two shoulder shields like the ZGMF-1001 ZAKU Phantom, giving it the use of the beam tomahawks stored within.


  • DRAGOON System
The main armament of the Providence ZAKU is an enhanced version of the DRAGOON System used by ZGMF-X24S Chaos Gundam. The suit has 10 DRAGOON pods mounted on its backpack and waist, with a total of 26 beam guns.
  • GDU-X7 Mobile Beam Assault Cannon
The large DRAGOON pods mounted on the top of the backpack, they are inherited by the Legend Gundam without any changes. Each GDU-X7 mobile beam assault cannon is armed with four beam spikes and five beam guns. The beam spikes allow the DRAGOONs to penetrate Positron Reflectors used by the Earth Alliance Mobile Armors.
  • GDU-X4 mobile beam assault cannon
The small DRAGOON pods mounted on the backpack and waist. Each GDU-X4 mobile beam assault cannon has two beam guns and can be used to ram enemy units due to their sharp edges.
  • MA-BAR76T High-energy Beam Rifle
This MA-BAR76T is the prototype of Legend's MA-BAR78F beam rifle. Unlike its successor, the MA-BAR76T is powered by pair of energy cartridges. It can be mounted on the backpack when not in use.
  • Shoulder Shield
The Providence ZAKU can optionally mount two shoulder shields identical to those of the ZAKU Phantom. They help to improve the suit's defense and as they are not handheld, the suit's hands are free to hold weapons. Each shield stores a beam tomahawk within.
  • MA-M8 Beam Tomahawk
An axe-shaped weapon that emits a curved beam blade, it is the same as the one used by the ZAKU Phantom and can also be used as a throwing weapon.

Special Equipment & Features

The Providence ZAKU is powered by the Hyper-Deuterion Engine, a hybrid of the nuclear reactor with the Deuterion Beam Energy Transfer System. This meant that the suit is nuclear powered and has considerably increased operation time than the usual battery powered mobile suits.
A device built into the mobile suit to counter the effects of Neutron Jammers, this gives the suit the ability to use its Hyper-Deuterion Engine without risk of being shut down.


Despite being a testbed unit, the ZGMF-X3000Q Providence ZAKU was deployed during the Battle of Messiah, destroying numerous enemy units with its DRAGOON Systems and fought with a MVF-M12A Ootsukigata. The outcome of the battle with the Ootsukigata is unknown, but the pilot of both suits survived.

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