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The ZGMF-X19AK Gundam Justice Knight (ガンダムジャスティスナイト?) is a Gunpla appearing in Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE. It is based on the ZGMF-X19A ∞ Justice Gundam.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A Gunpla customized by Kazami which uses the ∞ Justice Gundam as a base. As its name suggests, its concept is a knight of justice and its defensive abilities have been greatly enhanced. The multiple armaments seen on the base gunpla have been altered, and its overall balance adjusted to take into consideration its increased weight. Its main weapon is a Shot Lancer, which can be used in both long and close-range battles, and while it has more limited armaments than the base gunpla, it has been tuned with an emphasis on operability. These are extremely orthodox building and customizing methods that make it a gunpla that clearly expresses the abilities of the Diver who uses it.


  • KT-E03R Raitei Shot Lancer   
The main weapon of the gunpla which uses the Shot Lancer from Mobile Suit Gundam F91 as its base and redesigned to match the feel of the Gundam SEED series themed MS. It has built-in Beam Guns to deal with medium and long-range opponents. The lance section can be fired for a deadly blow.
  • KT-S02E Galatine Long Sword
A physical sword that resembles long swords used by knights. It's usually equipped on the left side of the hip, and its sharpness is comparable to a Beam Saber's.
  • CS-1202 Circle Shield
A circular shield built for the gunpla. In addition to excellent defense capabilities, it can also be used to directly shield-bash enemies.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Knight Wing
A back unit specially designed for flying which is attached instead of the lifter on the base kit. It can combine with the Shot Lancer and Circle Shield to be used as a support machine.


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Notes & Trivia

  • Its name is likely a reference to the ∞ Justice Gundam's early name, "Knight Justice".


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