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The ZGMF-1017 Un'no's GINN is a custom mobile suit that appears in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray R.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A GINN customized for Un'no's use, it is armed with "Gerbera Straight" Katana and "Tiger Pierce" Wakizashi, and appears to be a close combat unit as it is only equipped with melee weapons. While protecting the Graveyard from raiders, both the MS and the katana were damaged. The katana was later repaired with help from Lowe Guele and given to him. The GINN was later patched up and the wakizashi became its main weapon.


  • "Gerbera Straight" Katana
A mobile suit-sized katana and the main weapon of Un'no's GINN before it was damaged. Unlike the sword used by the standard ZGMF-1017 GINN, the Gerbera Straight is extremely sharp, and does not rely on the kinetic energy of a high-speed swing to cut through its targets.
  • "Tiger Pierce" Wakizashi
A blade that is shorter than a katana but just as sharp, serve as the main weapon for the repaired GINN.


A GINN used by Un'no to protect the Graveyard from raiders. Six months before Lowe and gang arrived at the Graveyard, both the GINN and its katana was damaged when fighting with raiders. The GINN was later patched up but the MS was damaged again in another raid, this time by ZAFT soldiers who were sent to retrieve the rare metal found earlier by Lowe.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Although the "Tiger Pierce" is originally shown to be shorter than "Gerbera Straight", subsequent appearances of it show it to be as long as the latter.

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