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The ZGMF-1017 GINN Insurgent Type is a GINN used by Coordinator militants on earth. It is featured in the ONA series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. 73: STARGAZER.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The GINN Insurgent Type is basically just the standard GINN given a brown paint, additional search lights for use in low light areas and a large, red 'K' painted on the left chest. It is armed with a basic machine gun, leg-mounted missiles and a recoilless rifle. The unit shown here is just an example, the Coordinator militants equip their GINN with what they have on hand and as a result, there is no standard configuration.


  • M68 "Pardus" 3-barrel Short-range Guided Missile Launcher
M68 "Pardus" short-range guided missile launcher is a "D-Type" assault weapon more often used in attacking a base or fortress. They're mounted on the GINN's legs.
  • MMI-M8A3 76mm Heavy Assault Machine Gun
The MMI-M8A3 76mm heavy assault machine gun is the standard ranged armament of the GINN series of mobile suits and has two firing modes, semi-auto and full-auto. The machine gun is magazine-fed and the GINN is capable of carrying extra magazines in case the first one runs out of ammunition. Because of its versatility and power, the MMI-M8A3 is the pilot's weapon of choice on almost any mission with the exception of anti-fortress combat. When not in use, the MMI-M8A3 is stored on a weapon mount on the back of the waist.
  • M68 "Cattus" 500mm Recoilless Rifle
The M68 "Cattus" 500mm recoilless rifle is a standard GINN armament that is similar in design to a bazooka, and can fire various types of rounds depending on the magazine used. The M68 "Cattus" 500mm recoilless rifle has greater range and firepower than the MMI-M8A3 76mm heavy assault machine gun but has less ammunition and a slower rate of fire.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Search Light
Although the GINN is equipped with "Low Light Level Television" system for use in dark areas, the inexperienced militant maintenance crew are unable to get it to function properly. Thus, they mount search lights on the GINN's head, left chest and front skirt armors to solve the problem.


During the aftermath of the "Break the World" incident initiated by ZAFT extremist terrorists, an area struck by a tidal wave was terrorized by a GINN Insurgent Type, piloted by 3 Coordinator children. The GINN was later taken down by a retired officer piloting a Linear Tank at the cost of his life.



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