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The ZAKU Elijah Kiel Custom is a Serpent Tail mobile suit of the Cosmic Era

Combat Capabilities

The ZAKU Elijah Kiel appears to be a modified version of the all around unit, the ZAKU Phantom. One of the major modification is the Trans Phase Shift armor system, making this variation the superior of all ZAKUs in terms of armor


MMI-M633 Beam Assault Rifle

The same model of the beam rifle used by the regular mass produced ZAKU. It also has the high rate of fire as the ZAKU's

MA-M8 beam tomahawk

The same model of the melee weapon of the ZAKUs mounted on the shield. However unlike the ZAKU, Elijah Kiel uses the Tomahawk as a thrown weapon

MA-M3 Heavy Sword

Because Elijah had previously owned a GINN, the heavy swords were then transferred to the more powerful ZAKU and still functions the same

M68 Pardus 3-barrel Missile Launcher

A similar version of the leg-mounted missile launchers of the GINN Assault Type is still available for the Elijah Kiel custom

M68 Cattus 500mm Recoilless Rifle

The same model of beam rifles that is used by the GINN Reconnaissance variation are still used the same way as the ZAKU


Because Kaite Madigan had unintentionally disabled Elijah Kiel's GINN, Kaite had given Elijah one of his own ZAKU's in debt. Elijah had then proceeded to install the Trans Phase Shift armor into the ZAKU and improve it's armaments with the leftovers of his GINN. It was later replaced when Elijah had acquired his own advanced mobile suit, the Vent Saviour Gundam

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