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Yusei Kouen (コウエン・ユウセイ Kouen yūsei?) is a character in Gundam Build Fighters Honoo and Gundam Build Fighters Honoo Try.

Personality & Character

In Gundam Build Fighters Honoo, he is a child who is normally quite unfriendly but has an ardent fighting spirit. He is inept at making facial expression and his actions often unconsciously provoke others, landing him into numerous troubles due to misunderstanding. In Gundam Build Fighters Honoo Try, which took place seven years later, he is now 25 years old, but his sunglasses and worn clothes make him look much older. Tsubasa Souma is disappointed with his look, but Yusei's skills are still exceptional.

Skills & Abilities

With his fighting skills and the large number of "Caledbwlch" parts, he won several consecutive victories. In team battles, Yusei often forgot his teammates and fought independently.


He often customizes his Gunplas with Caledbwlch parts. These parts are very rare in the world of GBF-Honoo. However, Yuusei somehow possesses large quantities of the weapon stored in a warehouse at home. All of his custom Gunpla features a bright red color scheme that embodies Yuusei's fighting spirit, and are named "Honoo" (炎, Honō means Flame in Japanese).

In battles, he often left his teammates behind and had fun battling the enemies, unknowingly stealing the joy of battling from his teammates. He realized his mistake only after he was defeated and was ashamed of his actions.

After enrolling in high school and having met Iko, a classmate, he joined the "Gunpla Club" and resumed building Gunplas with the aim of participating in the "Gunpla Builders World Cup".

Seven years later, he became an art teacher and was an advisor to the fourth group of the Gunpla Club. After using the Wing Zero Honoo in the final battle of the "Fuji Gunpla Festival", Yusei became known as 'Zero Flame Yusei'.


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