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Yuri Amalfi (ユーリ・アマルフィ) is a fictional character in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.


Yuri Amalfi is a first generation coordinator and the father of Nicol Amalfi. He is a member of the PLANT Supreme Council and a member of the Committee for National Defence, representing the PLANT colony "Maius City". His academic specialty is in engineering and mechanics.

During the war, he has a moderate stance, although he shares the opinion of Patrick Zala that war is necessary and must end in victory, however, Yuri Amalfi is not a radical, unlike Patrick Zala.

However, Yuri himself changed after the death of Nicol at the hands of Kira Yamato, his views towards Chairman Zala's radical views change and he wishes even more for the war to end, he also throws himself into his work and creates a virtual Pandora's Box: the N-Jammer Canceller.


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