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Yuhana Hakuri (ユハナ・ハクリ?) is a fictional character from the the manga Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS Gekko.

Personality & Character

Sampo Hakuri's sister, she enjoys fighting in contrast to her brother and serves as the vanguard during battles.[1]

Skills & Abilities

She pilots a Hakuri Rodi whose head and left shoulder are painted yellow.[1]


Yuhana and her brother Sampo were once considered Human Debris, but then they got work as mercenaries and soon started using their own custom Rodi frame mobile suits.

Shortly after the assassination of the head of Tanto Tempo, Ted Morugaton, both Yuhana and her brother tracked down and take out his daughter, Liarina, on behalf of Rosario Leone. However, the two siblings were driven off by Argi Mirage and his Gundam Astaroth.

After this, Yuhana was then held hostage by Gianmarco Solerno to coerce her brother into tracking down Liarina's entourage.




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