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Yomi Sakashita a character from the Gundam Build Fighters Try television series.

Personality & Character

Yomi is quite stuck up and tends to look down on others.

Skills & Abilities


Yomi is a member of her Gunpla club she witnessed all battles between team Try Fighters. When it came to her battle against Gyanko's team she showed a snobbish attitude towards her saying she shouldn't be dating before a match but Gyanko told her she was doing the same thing.

During the battle she kept berating Gyanko and laughed when Mahiro and Keiko were taken out. She then witnessed Gyanko be destroyed by the Mega-Shiki winning the match. After the fight she approached Gyanko who was in tears of being defeated and Yomi decided to make it worse by verbally insulting her whole team but she was slapped by Akira and is told not to look down on an opponent who fought seriously. She then later slapped Akira off screen and sulked in the office.

During the battle against Team Try Fighters she teamed up with Akira to fight Sekai and Hoshino while Yuuma fought Shunsuke after Yuuma and Shunsuke double KO'd each other she and Akira did a combination to take down Hoshino but Sekai used his own secret technique he learned from Gyanko and Shimon deflecting the missiles. Her Gunpla was damaged by Sekai's Winning Knuckle but Akira then combined her upper Body with his Fighter to try and win but Sekai awakened his RG system and destroyed both Akira and Yomi's Gunpla, but the match wasn't called meaning there was one enemy machine still functioning and it was Shunsuke's Mega-Shiki it was greatly damaged but it tried to defeat Sekai with one last punch but its arm shattered on contact winning the match for Team Try Fighters. Yomi excepted her loss and vowed never to look down on anyone again.[1]


Kaoruko Sazaki

She mocks Kaoruko for flirting with Sekai before the day of their battle. She even went as far as to insult Kaoruko after she beat her saying she was talentless and she should quit Gunpla Battle.

Akira Suga

Akira is her teammate and mentor, he slaps Yomi for looking down on an opponent who fought seriously.



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