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The YMS-11 Act Zaku (Kycilia's Forces) is a mobile suit from Mobile Suit Discovery.

Design & Development

The MS-11 Act Zaku is a high-performance, close combat MS designed to succeed the MS-06 Zaku II and developed as part of the "Pezun Plan" near the end of the One Year War [1][2]. Headquartered in Side 3 and with an arsenal built in the small asteroid Pezun, the "Pezun Plan" is a top-secret weapons development plan drew up by the upper-level of Zeon's military to create next generation mobile suits to help break the war's deadlock[2][3].

The Act Zaku used by Kycilia's Forces has a unique head crest, and was equipped with joint drive system that used the same field motor as Earth Federation Forces mobile suits.[2]. Sections of the suit used Zaku II's equipment, such as the backpack which was caused by delays in the development of new thrusters and fusion reactor[2][3]. It also used some of the Zaku II's weaponry and was likely a test type[2]. Later given the model number "YMS-11", its original model number remains unknown[2][3].


  • Quadruple-Barrel Machine Gun
A new four-barrel machine gun under development for the Act Zaku under the Pezun Plan [2].
  • Shoulder Shield
A shield mounted on the right shoulder.
  • Large Heat Hawk
Specially made for the Act Zaku, it has an enlarged generator for heating the blade to ultra-high temperature[2]. The suit can be armed with a pair of large heat hawks, one stored on each side skirt armor[2].
  • Heat Hawk
The same weapon as used by the Zaku II, it has an extendable handle. Can be stored on the side skirt armor[2].

Operational History





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