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The xvm-dfc Wiegel (ウィゲル Uigeru?) is a Vagan mobile suit featured in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE ⇀EXA-LOG↽ and the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Cosmic Drive/Universe Accel video game. It is piloted by Dole Frost.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Wiegel is an artillery unit developed from the xvv-xcc Zedas C.[1] It is also referred to as the "Prototype Khronos", as it is the direct predecessor of the xvm-dgc Khronos.[1] It was piloted by Dole Frost prior to the formation of the Magicians 8.[1] Its main weapons are four long-range Wiegel Cannons, two of which extend from the back and another pair integrated into the forearms.[1] Its overall silhouette is similar to the Khronos, but with longer arms and exposed red cords that are similar in appearance to blood vessels on the limbs and backpack.


  • Wiegel Cannon
A long-range beam cannon mounted on each forearms and on each side of the backpack. The pair of forearm-mounted cannons can also emit beam sabers for close combat.
  • Beam Buster
A high-powered beam cannon built into the chest. Its destructive power exceeds that of a standard beam rifle, and can destroy multiple enemy machines with a single shot.




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