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The XXXG-01W Wing Gundam (aka Gundam Zero-One) is the titular mobile suit of the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing series. The unit was primarily piloted by Heero Yuy.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Out of the five original Gundams created for Operation Meteor, Wing Gundam is the most well-balanced in terms of abilities and bears the closest resemblance to their common ancestor: the XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero.[1] Similar to Wing Zero, the Wing Gundam can transform into an alternate flight form known as "Bird Mode" and has a powerful Buster Rifle as part of its armaments. However, the "ZERO System" interface (which had technical problems) and other parts considered to be excessive were not included, and the skills of the pilot are needed to make up for the shortfall.

The major contributor to Wing's mobility is the pair of wing units on the backpack. These units not only generate lift, but can also change the aerodynamic characteristics of the mobile suit through the movements of their individual panels, supporting a range of speeds from stall to hypersonic. Even in outer space, the wing units exhibit high attitude control capability using both AMBAC and built-in vernier thrusters. By transforming into Bird Mode, Wing's mobility and movement range are increased further, allowing it to conduct operations that other Gundams could not. The leg thrusters on the back of the knees serve as the main verniers in Bird Mode, and are also used for dashing on the ground in MS mode.

The Wing Gundam EW is Hajime Katoki's redesign of Wing created after the release of the Gundam Wing sequel OVA/movie Endless Waltz, which has been featured in the Glory of the Losers manga re-telling of the series (among other works). The redesigned Wing retains largely the same armament and abilities, but resembles Wing Zero in appearance even more than before and can be equipped with extra energy cartridges to enable the Buster Rifle to fire a maximum of nine shots instead of three.


  • Buster Rifle
Wing Gundam's signature weapon, usable in MS mode and Bird Mode. Its energy cartridges allow it to fire three powerful beam shots, each comparable in power to a battleship's main guns and capable of destroying a small group of mobile suits and ships.[2][3] The emitted beam ionizes the surrounding atmosphere, creating a violent plasma vortex with a radius of 150 meters centered on the optical axis of the beam and a scorching torrent of several tens of kilometers.[1][3] However, by adjusting the output, the affected area can be altered.[4] The beam itself has a composite structure, consisting of low speed but highly destructive particle beam running through the center of a high speed and highly penetrative beam.[1][4] The rifle can be reloaded with spare energy cartridges through a break-action similar to a double-barrel shotgun. As it is not powered by the Gundam's reactor (unlike Wing Zero's Twin Buster Rifle), it is usable by other mobile suits as well.
  • Vulcan Gun
A pair of shell-firing armament built into the head. When fired in unison with the machine cannons, they will be out of bullets in less than a minute. Mainly for close quarters combat and to restrain enemy units. They are omitted from the EW version, though they are still listed among Wing's stats in the Glory of the Losers manga.
  • Machine Cannon
Located on the shoulders, the two cannons are short to medium range weapons. They are capable of rapid fire thanks to internal drum structure. In the EW version, they are covered when not it use, similar to Wing Zero's machine cannons.
  • Shield
Made of high-strength Gundanium Alloy, it can also be used as a ramming weapon. The shield can be mounted on the left arm and/or held with the left hand. It can be mounted on its back when not in use. In Bird Mode, it is docked with the Buster Rifle and mounted on the backpack. A sensor is mounted at the tip of the shield, but it is omitted in the EW version.
  • Beam Saber
The beam saber is the standard close-combat weapon for many mobile suits, it generates a blade-shaped beam to melt and cut through enemy's armor. Due to the use of the highly durable Gundanium Alloy, Wing Gundam's beam saber has a high output that is not attenuated even in water. A pair of beam sabers are stored in Wing's shield.[2][3] When the beam saber is needed, the lower half of the shield folds to expose the grip of one saber. The beam saber is typically wielded in Wing's right hand, which forces the Gundam to discard the Buster Rifle temporarily.
  • Drei Zwerg (Ver. EW only)
Appears in the Glory of the Losers manga and Frozen Teardrop novel, it is a powerful beam rifle-type weapon that was originally designed for the Wing Gundam Proto Zero. Data of the weapon was stored in the ZERO System by Doctor J in A.C. 186. The Drei Zwerg is a combination of three identical component rifles known as Messer Zwerg, which can be used individually. In A.C. 195, after encountering the Proto Zero, Heero creates imperfect replicas of the Drei Zwerg for Wing Gundam. Although it can function on its own as a weapon, it can also be mounted on Wing's Buster Rifle to increase its destructive power. This combined form is known as Drei Zwerg Buster. However, they can only be used once each in this combined form as they are not made of Gundanium Alloy, and hence cannot withstand the weapon's power. When not in use, the Drei Zwerg can be mounted on Wing's arms, resembling a hawk's talons when the mobile suit is in Bird Mode. Heero uses one of the Drei Zwerg to defend the Sanc Kingdom and the other during the battle at Luxembourg.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Bird Mode
When transforming into Bird Mode, the Gundam's head and waist rotate backward, the legs fold up with the feet pointing backward, the shoulder armor fold down, the hands retract inside the forearms, and the talons fold over the forearms. Finally, the shield and Buster Rifle docks together and then attaches onto the Gundam's backpack to form the nose, and the Gundam's wings spread open. In this form, Wing is capable of high-speed flight, though it requires extra boosters in order to launch into space. The transformation is similar for the EW version, but the head and waist do not rotate (with the head covered up by the Buster Rifle's arm cover), the hands do not retract inside the forearms, and the talons do not fold over the forearms; instead, the arms rotate to have the talons face down.
  • Search Eye
Focused on data gathering. When the antennas and main cameras do not suffice, the Gundam's secondary eye comprised of the large jewel on its chest is used to gather visual and radio-wave data.
  • Self-Destruct System
Wing Gundam was built to self-destruct should the pilot choose to. A remote detonator is placed within the cockpit and if a dire situation arrives, the pilot can destroy the Gundam. The system was designed to overload its power systems and has enough explosive power to destroy several city blocks. It's a last option tactic if the pilot is incapable of protecting the Gundam, while not allowing it to fall into enemy hands. It also can be used as one large explosive device to eradicate large targets.
  • Energy Cartridge Pod (Ver. EW only)
Two energy cartridge pods, each containing three spare energy cartridges for a total of six cartridges, can be mounted on Wing Gundam's forearms, allowing the Buster Rifle to fire nine shots instead of only three in a single sortie. In the Glory of the Losers manga, Heero used the last energy cartridge as part of his Gundam's self-detonation in Siberia.


  • Wing Gundam Ricardo Fellini Custom
A customized Wing Gundam Gunpla built and operated by Ricardo Fellini. It features a green color scheme, and retains all of the Wing Gundam's standard armaments. Through many victories and defeats, Ricardo would continue to modify his Wing Gundam, eventually resulting in the XXXG-01Wf Wing Gundam Fenice.


Operation Meteor

Wing Gundam was developed in the L1 Colony Cluster by the engineer Doctor J as a tool of revenge to use against the OZ organization for the assassination of the pacifist leader of the colonies, Heero Yuy, whom the Gundam's pilot was code-named after. Wing was sent to Earth with Heero to commence Operation Meteor, at the same time that each of Doctor J's fellow scientists deployed their respective Gundams as well. However, Wing was intercepted during its descent through Earth's atmosphere by an UESA assault carrier commanded by OZ's Zechs Merquise. Heero destroyed both of the carrier's Aries suits with Wing's Buster Rifle, but Zechs used his Leo suit to grapple with and weigh down the Gundam. Wing then crashed into the Pacific Ocean near the coast of Japan, and Heero abandoned it.

After leaving Wing Gundam at the bottom of the sea, Heero enlisted as a student at the Saint Gabriel Academy in order to disguise himself. He later stole several underwater torpedoes from an Alliance naval base, with the intention of destroying his Gundam before it fell into enemy hands. However, Wing had already been saved from OZ by Duo Maxwell, pilot of the Gundam Deathscythe. Wing was set to self-detonate, but Duo deactivated the device. Duo later encountered Heero on land as he raised both of their Gundams out of the sea on autopilot. Unaware of Duo's allegiance, Heero fired the stolen torpedoes at the two suits, though they only caused minimal damage. Still, the fact that Heero knew Gundanium's impact tolerance made Duo realize he was Wing's pilot.

After Duo helped Heero escape captivity from an Alliance military hospital, he recovered both of their Gundams from the sea. Heero repaired Wing Gundam by stealing parts from Deathscythe behind Duo's back, and he used it for a mission to destroy an enemy air carrier transporting Gundanium Alloy. Heero later used Wing for a mission to destroy OZ's northern Pacific Ocean supply base, during which he once again encountered Duo and repaid his debt to him by firing Wing's Buster Rifle at an enemy Leo that was coming up behind the repaired Deathscythe. When OZ sent mobile suits to attack the Saint Gabriel Academy with the intent of killing Relena Darlian, Heero used Wing to counterattack as he believed that OZ had discovered his hideout. Wing took out most of the enemy suits with its beam saber, while impaling the last one with its shield after using it to save Relena from falling debris.

During Wing Gundam's mission to the New Edwards Base, all five of the Gundam pilots were united thinking they were about to destroy OZ completely. However, Wing destroyed an OZ carrier with its beam saber before Heero found out that it held the pacifistic leader of the Alliance military, Field Marshal Noventa. OZ's leader, Treize Khushrenada, had tricked the Gundam pilots, and the ramifications were clear when OZ took over the world unopposed. When Heero was alerted to OZ's plan to self-detonate the New Edwards Base's missiles in order to eliminate the Gundams, he used Wing to break into the missile silo and disarm the explosives. Sometime later, Heero used Wing to team up with Duo in destroying an OZ island base near the school they had transferred to.

Self-destruction and Restoration

Wing Gundam's next (and ultimately last) major mission with Heero was in Siberia. Here, OZ was preparing to launch their new Taurus suits, and four of the five Gundams arrived to prevent their deployment. As soon as Wing arrived, it was intercepted by Zechs' Tallgeese suit and they engaged in a beam saber duel. Though they seemed evenly matched, Wing managed to gain the upper hand when it sliced the Tallgeese's left arm off. However, the duel was interrupted when OZ's Lady Une threatened to destroy the space colonies if the Gundam pilots did not surrender their suits. In response to this, Heero activated Wing's self-detonation device while standing just outside the cockpit, destroying his Gundam and nearly killing himself as well.

While Heero spent more than a month recovering from his near-death experience under the care of fellow Gundam pilot Trowa Barton, Zechs had taken Wing Gundam's remains with him and began to rebuild it for an intended re-match as he felt both cheated and disgusted by Lady Une's actions in Siberia. However, OZ's parent organization, Romefeller, ordered Zechs to have the Gundam's remains destroyed. Zechs tricked Romefeller by simply destroying a dummy, and had Wing taken to his base in Antarctica in order to continue its reconstruction.

Though Wing Gundam was mostly rebuilt at Zechs' base, its highly-calibrated inner systems were completely destroyed in its self-detonation, leaving it at a disadvantage. Zechs also had the self-destruct system removed to avoid another interrupted duel. However, Wing was left in the base as Zechs and Heero began their re-match, as Heero had chosen to use Trowa's Gundam Heavyarms instead to avoid any sense of reluctance between himself and Zechs. During the battle, Trowa used Wing to prevent Romefeller's search party from interfering and destroyed a pair of Aries that were following Relena's transport. When Romefeller's fleet arrived, Trowa converted Wing into Bird Mode and picked up Heavyarms as he and Heero made their escape.

When the five Gundam pilots returned to space to stop OZ from taking over the colonies, Heero left Wing Gundam behind on Earth to avoid enemy detection. Sometime later, Wing was found underwater on Earth by Sally Po, who eventually turned it over to Lucrezia Noin after the two recovered it while Sally was temporarily imprisoned by OZ. Noin then brought the Gundam to the rebuilt Sanc Kingdom's underground hangar. After Heero returned to Earth with Quatre Winner, they eventually arrived at the Sanc Kingdom as well and Heero was once again reunited with his Gundam. He would soon after use Wing to lead a counterattack against Romefeller forces attempting to invade Relena's pacifist nation. After much convincing from Noin, Quatre and Relena, Heero agreed to stay in the Sanc Kingdom with his Gundam to defend the nation from further threats.

Final Battle and Replacement

When Romefeller sent an army of Virgo mobile dolls to crush the Treize Faction at their base in Luxembourg, Heero used Wing Gundam to help defend the Treize Faction in order to prevent Romefeller from spreading their forces any further. Wing naturally proved to be more of a match for the Virgos than Treize's Leos and Aries. However, the Gundam's right leg was damaged during the battle, though it destroyed several more enemies with the Buster Rifle while lying on the ground. As more Virgos began surrounding Wing, Treize spoke to Heero on the Gundam's intercom and encouraged him not to give up. Heero managed to get Wing back on its feet, but it was eventually blasted into a building and disabled completely. After the remaining Virgos were destroyed in a suicide attack by three of Treize's soldiers, Heero exited Wing's cockpit and abandoned his Gundam for the final time. Soon after, he was given the Gundam Epyon by Treize, though Heero would later replace that suit with the Wing Gundam Zero.

Last Heroics

Sometime after the battle at Luxembourg Base, the abandoned Wing Gundam was captured by OZ and taken to a base on the grounds of a military hospital for repairs. While there, it was fitted with booster rockets for travelling into space, though one engineer asked another why the Gundam needed the modifications for space flight since seemingly nobody remaining on Earth was capable of piloting it. When Treize attempted suicide in space by taunting Zechs into firing the battleship Libra's main cannon directly at him, Lady Une suddenly awoke from a long-term coma on Earth, commandeered the idle Gundam and launched into space at full speed. Rapidly switching Wing out of Bird Mode, Lady Une arrived just in time to push Treize's Tallgeese II suit out of the devastating path of the laser beam. Taking the full force of the laser, the Gundam was almost completely disintegrated by the blast with only its head and torso remaining afterward. Lady Une then emerged from the cockpit (as she was wearing a spacesuit) and jumped onto the Tallgeese II's hand. Although the Gundam was never seen again after this, it's not entirely sure if it was ever completely destroyed given Wing's history of surviving destruction over and over.




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Notes & Trivia

  • Wing Gundam's role in the original manga adaptation of Gundam Wing features several differences from the anime. For example, after crashing Wing into the Pacific Ocean, Heero retrieves his Gundam immediately after his first encounter with Relena thanks to Duo's timely arrival. Other differences from the anime include Wing's self-detonation occurring at the New Edwards base instead of Siberia, Heero using the rebuilt Wing instead of Heavyarms for his rematch with Zechs in Antarctica, and Heero using Wing to save Relena in the Sanc Kingdom from a group of mobile dolls instead of a crashing air carrier. He also abandons Wing for the last time during the fall of the Sanc Kingdom rather than the battle at Luxembourg (simply leaving it behind in the Sanc Kingdom's hangar). Furthermore, Wing receives less damage from the Libra main laser cannon when Lady Une uses it to rescue Treize, though what happens to the Gundam afterward is again left unexplained.

The early mecha designs of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing; Wing Gundam is on the far left.

  • The initial design of Wing Gundam was to follow the "nationality" trend from Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Wing's design is Japanese and, according to designer Kunio Okawara's comments, is heavily based on the God Gundam. It should be noted that the Gundam's wings were missing from this initial design and it wasn't until the second draft that the wings, as well as its transformation ability, were added.
  • Despite being the title mobile suit of Gundam Wing, Wing saw little action compared to its fellow Gundams (especially after it was rebuilt following its self-destruction in episode 10) and was abandoned by its own pilot multiple times.
  • Wing was the only Gundam of the original five of Gundam Wing to never receive an upgrade during the series as it was instead replaced by its prototype, the Wing Zero. This was changed slightly in the Glory of the Losers manga, in which Wing Gundam gets a temporary upgrade with the Drei Zwerg.
  • The only character from the series to ever actually refer to Wing Gundam by its name was Treize (in episode 46); to most others it was referred to as either "Zero-One" or "Gundam Zero-One," the name it was given by OZ, while Heero himself only ever referred to it as "my mobile suit" or "my Gundam" (though he does refer to Wing by its name in the original manga adaptation of the series).
  • Video game appearances for Wing Gundam include Gundam Wing: Endless Duel (released only in Japan), Gundam Battle Assault (an American remake of Gundam: The Battle Master 2) and the mecha crossover game Another Century's Episode (also released only in Japan).
  • The Wing Gundam EW made its first video game appearance in Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 as "Wing Gundam Early Type". It was an unlockable unit that could be obtained if the five main Gundam Wing pilots' levels were over 140 combined by stage 35. The Wing EW was weaker than the Wing Zero EW as it had no ZERO System and the Buster Rifle was ammo-based, not EN-based. However, all seven playable Gundam Wing characters could pilot it.
  • The Armor Girls Project Wing Gundam figure includes a special hardpoint attachment that allowed the option of equipping the Robot Damashii EW Version Wing Zero's wings.
  • The Gundam Fix Figuration's figurine of Hajime Katoki's redesign of the Wing Gundam is named as "XXXG-01WE Wing Gundam [Early Type]". However, the Master Grade releases of this design use the name "XXXG-01W Wing Gundam". A slight variation of the latter name, "XXXG-01W Wing Gundam EW", is used in the Glory of the Losers manga.
  • Though the unit itself does not appear in Gundam Breaker, its EW wings can be built from scratch using the wings from the Wing Zero EW.


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