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The XXXG-01DC Gundam Nightmare Centaur (aka Gundam Death Centaur) is a mobile suit that was introduced in the New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Perfect Album Bom-Bom Comic Variations.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A conceptual mobile suit design of the Gundam Deathscythe, the Nightmare Centaur was designed mainly for enhanced close-quarter combat abilities. It was mainly equipped with a Heat Lance and a shield on the left arm that could generate a Beam Pick. Its primary strength was the ability to leap directly into a group of enemy mobile suits and swiftly destroy each of them down with a single blow. As a result, the arm and shoulder joints were reinforced for improved strength. It was originally planned to be mounted on an equine-like base with four legs for increased speed, power output and better travel ability on land, but this concept was abandoned.


  • Double Heat Lance
  • Shield Beam Pick

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