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The XXXG-01DB Gundam Crazy Beast (Also Gundam Death Beast) was introduced in the New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Perfect Album Bom-Bom Comic Variations.

Combat Characteristics

A variant of the Deathscythe developed specifically for space combat, The XXXG-01DB Gundam Crazy Beast is equipped with ZERO System technology and features many improvements such as increased number of armaments and thrusters. For increased ranged combat ability, it employed a set of bat-shaped funnels stored in the shoulder armor. Its melee weapons consisted of a pair of heat swords that generate enough thermal energy to cut through most mobile suit armor materials. Furthermore, its stealth abilities have been greatly upgraded, featuring the ability to send "ghost images" to enemy radar using the sensors located in its chest and shoulders. It also featured redesigned vernier and thruster modifications, resulting in much greater speed and mobility.

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