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The XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero (ウイングガンダムゼロ Uingu Gandamu Zero?) (aka Wing Zero) is a mobile suit that appears in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero was the first "Gundam" designed by the five engineers who had developed the Tallgeese[1]. Around A.C. 175, the MS, which was developed as a "weapon" by OZ, began to evolve as an epoch-making mobile weapon based on the OZ-00MS Tallgeese (Prototype Leo)[1]. Meanwhile, several engineers that were at the core of the Tallgeese development ran away from OZ to develop even higher performance MS[1]. Five of them gathered to develop a MS that would adopt "technology and materials that did not yet exist at that point in time", including "Gundanium", which was a cutting-edge material at that time[1]. Having been developed in light of the Tallgeese's failure, it became a dreadful machine equipped with an interface that transcended the limits of the pilot[1]. That is "Zero", and the material adopted gave it the code name "Gundam"[1].

By transforming into Neo Bird Mode, high-speed cruising is possible; in addition, the Twin Buster Rifle has the power to destroy a space colony in a single hit[1]. However, what the five engineers feared the most was the Zero System which forced the pilot to achieve the "perfect victory"[1]. The five engineers, harboring a fear of the dimension of Zero's excessive destruction coefficient (in practice, the parts with the required specifications could not have been supplied at that point in time, anyway), suspended the machine's development and sealed its design data[1]. In hiding, the five engineers who had returned to their respective base colonies would develop five "Gundams" that could be said to be unique Zero-derived machines[1]. And then in A.C. 195, the seal was broken by the hands of Quatre Raberba Winner, one of the five Gundam pilots who had carried out Operation Meteor; and Zero, which had been impossible to build at the time of its design, is born[1].


  • Twin Buster Rifle
A double-barrel type Buster Rifle[1]. It has more than twice the power of the Buster Rifle equipped by the Wing Gundam[1]. In the Neo Bird Mode, it is equipped on both sides of the Shield in a divided state[1]. It is a type directly connected to the generator so rapid fire is also possible[1].
  • Beam Saber
Slashing equipment for close combat[1]. Since it adopts devices made of Gundanium alloy in every part; the power, function, durability, etc are exceptionally improved compared to those of ordinary MS[1]. One apiece is stored in the shoulder armor on both shoulders[1].
  • Machine Cannon
  • Shield
A shield made of Gundanium alloy[1]. In addition to being applied with anti-beam coating, it is equipped with Wing Vulcans on both ends[1]. It becomes the nose in Neo Bird Mode, having excellent aerodynamic performance in the atmosphere and also functions as a ram when charging[1]. The tip of the shield can also be extended to damage targets.
  • Wing Vulcan


  • Neo-Bird Mode
Zero's high-speed cruising mode[1]. The vectors of the verniers in every part are concentrated, enabling high-speed movement with large thrust[1]. When the verniers inside the wings, the legs verniers, and even the verniers inside the shoulder armor are added; the acceleration performance surpasses even the Tallgeese's[1].
  • Search Eye
  • Self-Destruct System
An interface for achieving the "perfect victory", developed to make the pilot keep up with a machine performance that surpasses the Tallgeese[1]. Since it seriously affects the physical functions and mental state of the pilot, a person without strong mental strength can't control it[1].


  • Head
The head unit is an aggregation of various sensors, head Vulcan Guns are not equipped[1].
  • Chest
The chest unit is equipped with the main generator and a "Zero System" built-in type cockpit, two large-caliber Machine Cannons are equipped on both shoulders[1].


The existence of Wing Zero is first revealed in episode 21, when Quatre Winner discovers a copy of the blueprints and begins work on the Gundam to replace his then-destroyed Gundam Sandrock. In the same episode, Quatre's father is killed by OZ. The completed Wing Zero first appears in episode 24, with Quatre at the controls, driven mentally unstable from the combination of his father's death and exposure to the ZERO System. Heero Yuy and Trowa Barton (both working for OZ, the former unwillingly) are sent to take on Quatre and Wing Zero. The pair are able to return Quatre to normalcy, although Trowa nearly loses his life in the process, and Heero and Quatre are captured. OZ soldier Trant Clark forces Heero to test the ZERO System, but he and Quatre escape and return to Earth in episode 26 [citation needed].

Trant retains Wing Zero, testing it again with Duo Maxwell at the controls in episode 32. After Duo escapes, Trant attempts to fight Duo's Gundam Deathscythe Hell with Wing Zero, dying in the process. Then OZ plans to destroy the Gundam in episode 34 but Zechs Merquise sacrifices his Tallgeese in order to claim Wing Zero for himself [citation needed].

Zechs confronts Chang Wufei in episode 35; he at first attempts to become the Gundam pilot's ally, but the effects of the ZERO System forces him into conflict. He then uses Wing Zero to return to Earth in an attempt to prevent the dissolution of the Sanc Kingdom in episode 37, and fights Heero, who is piloting the Gundam Epyon. After their duel ends in a draw, they exchange Gundams before parting ways, leaving Heero with Wing Zero [citation needed].

Heero and Wing Zero return to space in episode 41, and over the next two episodes Wufei and Trowa both pilot Wing Zero; allowing them to work through their personal problems (Wufei discovers his true enemy and joins the Gundam team, while Trowa regains his memories that he had lost after his near-death experience). During the final episodes, Heero uses the Gundam in another duel against Epyon, defeating Zechs, before using Wing Zero's twin buster rifle to intercept and destroy the wreckage of the battleship Libra superweapon before it can impact with Earth [citation needed].





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