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The XXXG-00W0S Wing Gundam Seraphim is a mobile suit based on the Wing Gundam Zero, but appearing solely in the semi-official story Tiel's Impulse, published in the Ultimate Playing Book, a model kit magazine-book.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

At a point prior to the end of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, the Romefeller Foundation used the data from the Gundams to develop new mass-produced mobile suits. The Gundam Lucifer was a test unit based on the Wing Zero, and was used to trial run an improved ZERO System, ZERO 2.0. Although more powerful than the original system, ZERO 2.0 forced the pilot to take certain actions, as opposed to the original ZERO system 'suggesting and urging' them. Following these tests, Seraphim was designed. Its ZERO 2.5 reduced the side effects seen in ZERO 2.0, and the wing binders were moved from the back to the skirt of the mobile suit. Six Seraphims are seen as completed in Tiel's Impulse. Similar to its predecessor, the ZERO 2.5 was known to take control of the mobile suit.


  • Machine Cannons
A pair of small 3-barrel gatling guns housed on the clavicle section of Gundam Seraphim.
  • Beam Saber
Standard mobile suit equipment, these are often used in close-combat situations.
  • Buster Rifle
A powerful particle weapon capable of destroying multiple enemies in one shot.

Special Equipment & Features

  • ZERO System Version 2.5
An improved version of the ZERO System. Codenamed ZERO 2.5, this system provided much better technical data and information, but had the drawback of taking control of the mobile suit sometimes when activated. This version lacked the negative mental effects occurred with its predecessors.


With Romefeller floundering following Relena Darlian's sudden upheavel towards a more peaceful world, the foundation attempted to reaffirm themselves by building brand new Mobile Suits based on the five original Gundams, one of which was the Wing Gundam Seraphim. When her brother disappeared, Tiel convinced a number of her friends to break into one of Romefeller's factories and steal some of the Mobile Suits, Tiel taking the Wing Gundam Seraphim. By the time Tiel had found her brother, he was under control of the XXXG-00W0L Gundam Lucifer and was forced to fight. They were last seen falling into the Earth's atmosphere, their fates unknown.


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