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The XXXG-00W0L Gundam Lucifer is a mobile suit based on the Wing Gundam Zero, appearing in the semi-official sidestory New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Sidestory: Tiel's Impulse.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A prototype Mobile Suit developed in secret by the Romefeller Foundation following Queen Relena Peacecraft's disarmament, it was based on the Wing Gundam Zero. This machine carried no weapons as its main purpose was to test out an improved version of the ZERO System. This ZERO System 2.0 provided better and more detailed information than the systems in Wing Zero. However, these improvements were a double-edged sword; just as the benefits were strengthened, so were the flaws. Instead of simply urging the pilot towards certain courses of action, it would effectively brainwash him into following these paths.

Special Equipment & Features


Only one test unit was constructed, with test pilot Karl Noembreux falling under the system's effects and vanishing, taking the Lucifer with him. His disappearance is what set his young sister Tiel to impulsively chase him, setting the events of January AC 196 into motion.


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