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Gundam Aerial (ガンダム・エアリアル?) is a mobile suit introduced in Mobile Suit Gundam - the Witch from Mercury. It is piloted by Suletta Mercury.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

  • GUND Format


  • Beam Rifle

The Aerial is equipped with a custom beam rifle to engage enemies at long range, and can also manifest a large beam blade for close combat. Two Bit Staves can be docked to the beam rifle to improve its power and range. The Beam Rifle can be stored on the backpack when not in use.

  • GUND Bits

The Aerial's GUND Bits system consists of a shield that can separate into 11 pieces called Bit Staves, which are remote weapons each armed with beam guns.

  • Bit-On Form
The Bit Staves can also attach to the Aerial as extra armor: two on the shoulders, two on both forearms acting as shields, two on the hips, and the remaining five are rearranged on the butt to form a winged flight unit. Two of the grey Bit Staves that form the flight unit can also attach to the beam rifle as barrel extenders to enhance its power.





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