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The XM-07S Vigna Ghina Berah Ronah Special is a specially designed mobile suit that appeared in Gundam F91 Mobile Suit Variations and was later featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam Silhouette Formula Official Handbook included in the Bandai 1/100 scale RX-99 Neo Gundam model kit. The unit is piloted by Berah Ronah.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

An aesthetically altered version of the XM-07 Vigna Ghina, it is repainted in red and covered in ornate gold decorations. It is unknown if this variant was any different to the standard model in terms of performance, but a departure from the standard Vigna Ghina is that its head uses dual round cameras instead of a unified one.


  • Beam Shield
A new protective device used by the mobile suits of the U.C. 0120 era. Thanks to their increased generator output, the scaled-down mobile suits of this era are able to use beam technology for defensive purposes. Unlike an I-field generator, which is effective only against beam attacks, the beam shield blocks both beam and projectile weapons. The beam shield generates a plane of energy similar to the blade of a beam saber. This plane is divided into multiple sections, which can be turned on or off as needed to conserve energy. Individual sections are also automatically deactivated whenever they're in danger of coming into contact with the mobile suit itself.
  • Beam Saber
A standard melee weapon that generates a beam of plasma contained by an I-field, it can melt through any armor not treated with anti-beam coating. Powered by a rechargeable energy capacitor, a pair of beam sabers are stored on the Vigna Ghina's rear skirt armor.
  • Beam Rifle
A standard hand carried ranged beam weapon is the beam rifle. Capable of firing concentrated mega particles, attacks from a beam rifle can damage any ordinary armor that has not been specially treated to resist it.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Fin Nozzle
The fin nozzle is a development of shelf nozzle technology. It uses the concept of adjustable thrusters to increase the mobile suits overall agility. The fin nozzles are more flexible and have greater thrust than the shelf nozzles.


The Vigna Ghina Berah Ronah Special was speculated to have been developed for propaganda purposes, and was Berah Ronah's personal mobile suit in events that took place between Mobile Suit Gundam F91 and Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam. Leading the resistance group against the Crossbone Vanguard, Berah Ronah decorated her Vigna Ghina and used it in the front-lines to keep morale of her troops high.

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