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The XM-07R Vigna Ronah is a mobile suit that first appeared in the SD Gundam G Generation SPIRITS video game.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Vigna Ronah's main armament is the distinctive Buster Lancer, this giant lance usually mounts on the Vigna Ronah's backpack with a rack carrying six shot lancers, it also has four heavy machine guns on the giant lance. The Buster Lancer can be use as a hand-carried weapon, to impale the enemy while charging with high speed. In addition to the Buster Lancer, the Vigna Ronah also has a Variable Mega Beam Launcher, which is a hand-carried variant of the XM-07G Vigna Zirah's VSBR. Finally, there are fixed beam shield generator on each forearm of the Vigna Ronah which can emit a beam in the shape of a beam saber. Surprisingly, the Vigna Ronah's visor and faceplate can be retracted for better cooling while using high speed, much like F91 Gundam F91. As a result the Vigna Ronah is a very successful design, being a high performance MS while packing high offensive power in both long range and melee attack.


  • Buster Lancer
A weapon consisting of a giant lance and six shot lancers mounted on the backpack, which can be detached to form a launcher capable of launching all six shot lancers at once.
  • Shot Lancer
A distinctive close combat weapon developed by the Crossbone Vanguard, it functions similarly to a railgun, and can launch its spearhead with enough velocity to pierce through Gundarium Alloy.
  • Heavy Machine Gun
A set of four heavy machine guns mounted on the giant lance.
  • Beam Shield Saber
The Vigna Ronah's beam shields has a blade tip near the end, allowing them to function as beam sabers.
  • Variable Mega Beam Launcher
A hand-carried high output beam weapon derived from the V.S.B.R. Its appearance is very similar to the RX-99 Neo Gundam's G-B.R.D.


After the rollout of the XM-07 Vigna Ghina and its variants, the Crossbone Vanguard made a special request to the Buch Aerodynamic to build one more Vigna-type MS for the Royal Guard. Unlimited funds were given for the development of Vigna Ronah, resulting in an extremely high performance MS. Though it was unclear if it was ever actually built.

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  • When the Vigna Ronah debuted in Spirits, the Buster Lancer special attack animation simply has it shoot all six shot lancers then charge-in and impale enemies with the giant lance. However, when it reappeared in SD Gundam G Generation Wars, the animation was changed and closely resembles GN-001 Gundam Exia's Seven Sword attack. The Vigna Ronah will start by throwing two shot lancers, stab the enemy with another pair as it gets close-in, then performs a back-flip and throws the last two shot lancers at the same time before finishing the enemy with the giant lance.

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