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The XM-06 Dahgi Iris Custom (aka Dahgi Iris Long Range Reconnaissance Type) appears in the Gundam F91 Mobile Suit Variations design series and was designed by Kunio Okawara.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A variant of the XM-06 Dahgi Iris designed for solo, long range reconnaissance mission. It is equipped with two propellant tanks on its backpack, which can also be used for AMBAC, and additional leg thrusters to increased its cruising range and operational time. Unlike the standard Dahgi Iris, the Dahgi Iris Custom uses most of its surplus energy to power its search equipment. As a result, it typically does not use a beam rifle, and a 120mm autocannon is mounted on the left forearm as a replacement. However, this lowers the suit's attack power.


  • 120mm Autocannon
Mounted on the left forearm of the Dahgi Iris Custom. It serves as a replacement for the standard Dahgi Iris's beam rifle, as the Dahgi Iris Custom usually could not power the beam rifle as it devotes its energy to its search equipment. Compared to a beam rifle, the autocannon has lower firepower.
  • Triple Scattering Beam Cannon
The Dahgi Iris Custom mounts a high-output triple scattering beam cannon in its abdomen, just below the cockpit. The cannon can fire a powerful, focused particle beam from all three barrels at once, or spread/scatter the beam to disorient or blind the opponents to help the Dahgi Iris escapes. The focused beam is capable of overwhelming a beam shield and destroy the opponent's mobile suit.
  • Beam Saber
A standard melee weapon that generates a beam of plasma contained by an I-field, the beam saber can melt through any metal armor without anti-beam coating. The Dahgi Iris Custom has a beam saber stored in a storage rack on the rear waist armor.
  • Shield
Like the standard Dahgi Iris, the Dahgi Iris Custom has a shield mounted on the left forearm instead of a beam shield, which might interfere with the suit's sensitive sensor and electronics.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Doppler Radar
Like the standard Dahgi Iris, the Dahgi Iris Custom is equipped with the Doppler Radar which allowed it to retain its high precision search capabilities even while moving.


During Crossbone Vanguard's invasion of the Frontier Colonies, the Dahgi Iris Custom was dispatched to the vicinity of the moon, where it reported back the fleet movements of the Earth Federation Forces.

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