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World-level Ability is the seventh episode of Gundam Build Fighters.


Sei and Reiji have now earned their place in the World Tournament. Together with Rinko and China, they go to the summer sea, where they can all forget the usual battles and enjoy the seaside. They head for an inn in the mountains, only to find Mao Yasaka there—he too has come to stay at the inn. What's more, it looks like he's taken an interest in Misaki, the landlady's daughter, and one way or another he keeps making passes at her. Nonetheless, Sei and the others try to enjoy their stay at the inn, but it seems that the inn is in some kind of decline. They begin to feel uneasy as more incidents occur, and then a truck crashes into the inn. From the truck emerges a man known as Blazing Tatsu, a veteran of previous World Tournaments. What could his objective be...?


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  • Kato, the pilot of the Gundam Double X which Sei and Reiji defeats in the beginning of the episode, cosplays as Jamil Neate, who was a pilot of the Gundam X during the 7th Space War, and a Newtype with the ability to use the Flash System, which enables him to control G-Bits. This episode also served as an informal commercial for the High Grade After War 1/144 scale Gundam Double X, which was released less than a month before the episode's broadcast.
  • The clock in Sei, Reiji and Mr. Ral's room is labeled "Anaheim", a reference to Anaheim Electronics of the Universal Century timeline.
  • Two women sunbathing on the beach are lookalikes of Sumeragi Lee Noriega and Kati Mannequin from Mobile Suit Gundam 00.
  • During the scene where Mao is cleaning off the graffiti, he is humming "Dreams"the first opening theme of After War Gundam X.
  • The next episode preview tagline ("Nani o kakeru no ka? Nani o nokosu no ka?") quotes lyrics from the song Ai Senshi, the ending theme song and namesake of both the second Mobile Suit Gundam compilation movie, and the next episode.
  • The official YouTube channel of GundamInfo had a naming error when uploading this episode to YouTube. The episode name is switched with its following episode, "Encounters of Fighters".
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