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Wong Yunfat (ウォン・ユンファ?) was the Prime Minister of Neo Hong Kong, the country that hosted the 13th Gundam Fight Finals. However, beneath his exterior as the ruler of Neo Hong Kong, Wong had a much more sinister agenda: to revive the damaged JDG-00X Devil Gundam after it was damaged in the Guyana Highlands.

Personality & Character

Wong came across as a very dapper and upper class individual who meant to win his country the right to rule the Universe. However, Wong was also willing to betray his own allies and break the rules of the Gundam Fight to achieve his goals. That was shown when Wong attacked Master Asia while he was training Domon in the ghettos of Neo Hong Kong and even enlisted such disqualified fighters as Gentle Chapman and Michelo Chariot, who desired to beat down Domon Kasshu by rigging his matches and pitting him against tough opponents with the circumstances stacked against him.


While he researched the Devil Gundam, Wong uncovered a few interesting details, which was summarized in a report that later fell into the hands of Neo Japan's Major Ulube Ishikawa about a female pilot being the key to unleashing the Devil's Gundam's full potential. As a result, Wong saw Allenby Beardsley as the perfect instrument and used her as a puppet later on in his schemes. Wong was seemingly injured or killed (it was unclear which) in the crossfire during the battle between Rain Mikamura (in the Rising Gundam) and Allenby (in the Walter Gundam). However, Wong was revived by the DG Cells, and attempted to go into space in the Walter Gundam after Ulube who had taken the Devil Gundam. He ran into Domon, who also attempted to pass through the atmosphere to the Neo Japan Space Colony where the Devil Gundam was taken. Wong thwarted Domon's attempts to breach the atmosphere for a short time and intended to take the Devil Gundam for himself to rule the Universe. Ultimately, Wong was beaten down for the last time when Domon quickly returned upon Fuunsaiki, using God Gundam's God Finger to finish him off.


Notes and Trivia

  • Wong Yunfat's name, clothing, and mannerisms were obvious references to Mark Lee, a famous gangster character from the movie A Better Tomorrow (1986) portraited by actor Chow Yun Fat.
  • In Super Robot Wars A and A Portable, Wong is piloting the Grand Master Gundam.
  • In Super Robot Wars 64, he serves as the ultimate antagonist for the G Gundam storyline, taking the role that Ulube Ishikawa had, even piloting the Devil Gundam's final form.


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