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Wings of Imagination is the ninth episode of Gundam Build Fighters.


Sei is working on a new Gunpla for use in the World Tournament. But, anxious about whether it's safe to keep it "as is," he has fallen into a kind of slump. When China unexpectedly ends up in a Gunpla Battle tournament limited to female players, she distracts Sei from his worries by asking him for Gunpla Battle advice. Thanks to intensive training by Sei and Reiji, China and her Gunpla, (Mr.) Beargguy III, begin piling up victories in the women-only tournament. Only one person stands in her way: Caroline Yajima, an art-contest veteran who considers herself China's rival. China finds herself in peril when she faces the Gunpla that Caroline has built.


Featured Mobile Weapons





  • The pair that China initially serves in the restaurant are the Jerid Messa and Kacricon Cacooler lookalikes from episode 3.
  • China trains for her match against Caroline (who wears an orange dress and her hair in drills) in part by practicing on the Agg (which is orange and equipped with drills).
  • The bread shop owner from episode 1 makes a brief appearance, as he is surprised to see Reiji again.
  • Alice Imai, owner of the Noble Gundam Deco, sports a hairstyle similar to Allenby Beardsley of Mobile Fighter G Gundam.
  • The trophy provided for the "Womens Only GBWC" is the same one used in the real life GBWC
  • The next episode preview tagline appears to echo the episode preview style of After War Gundam X, by featuring a quote from the next episode. In particular, the quote ("Marude yume wo miteru mitai!") is the title of Gundam X episode 19, "I Feel Like I'm Dreaming".
  • The battle between China and Caroline is the only battle in the season where a Gunpla is defeated by a field out instead being destroyed. This later would happen in a real competition in Gundam Build Fighters Try.
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