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Wilmit Zenam (ウィルミット・ゼナム U~irumitto ?, enamu) is a supporting character from the Gundam Reconguista in G television series. She is Bellri Zenam's mother and the Operations Director of the Capital Territory.[1] Because she's in compliance with the SU-Cord religion, she attempts to deal with strict taboo-breaking.[2]

Personality & Character

She is a kind, compassionate woman who loves and worries about Bellri, but has however shown that she is also strict and has a strong sense of religious devotion.

Skills & Abilities

She was able to pilot a glider during atmospheric entry with relative ease.


Some point in the past she adopted Bellri and raised him as her own, she then sent Bellri to the Academy to become a pilot to protect the Tower.

Sometime later, she became the Operations Director.[1]


Wilmit has a standard Mother-Son relationship with Bellri she loves him and worries about him getting hurt.
Wilmit seems to get along with Noredo and trusts her to keep Bellri out of trouble.
Being an official of the Capital Territory, Wilmit maintains a close relationship with the leader of her religion.

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