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Prince Willis Aramis (ウイリス・アラミス?) is a fictional character from the After War Gundam X anime.


The crown prince of the People's Republic of Estard, he took over the throne at a young age when his father died. Still unsure of himself, his royal adviser and friend Rooks Hanomark speaks for him often, making choices and decisions that he can not figure out on his own or has difficulty with. As the war with the New United Nations Earth military is held back with the help of the Freeden, Prince Willis spends time with the Vultures, especially Garrod Ran. Learning more about the life of a mobile suit pilot and a Vulture, the young prince openly admits that he would like to have the freedom and way of life that Garrod has.



  • The English subtitles on the North American DVD release gives his title as President rather than Crown Prince.
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