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The Willgem is a fictional ship that appears in Turn A Gundam.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Willgem is a space transport and small mobile suit carrier, capable of carrying a number of mobile suits. Its mobile suit launch ability was put to the test by the Militia groups as they used it to visit the Moon Race. Two large circular openings in the sides of the ship lead to the launch bays for the mobile suits, where the Militia's White Doll, Kapool and Borjarnon mobile suits were housed.

The bridge of the Willgem sits on a hinged base, allowing it to be raised or lowered depending upon the needs of the crew or situation.

Willgem lacking propulsion to escape Earth atmosphere on its own and still require assist from ∀ Gundam and SUMO when using mass driver.


  • Mega Particle Cannon
  • C.I.W.S.


Buried in a large Mountain Cycle that also housed the SPA-51 Cannon Illefuto, the Willgem is named after Will Game, the man that discovered both the mobile suit and the space ship. Hoping to use the ship to get into space to fulfill the dreams of his ancestor and former lover of Dianna Soreil.

The ship however was put into use by the Militia groups, who after some trial and error, learned how to operate the vessel. The Willgem launched with its crew in an effort to meet with the leaders of the Moon Race to bring an end to the conflict between those living on the Moon and the Earth.

After the war, the Willgem has been refitted as a civilian transport between Earth and the Moon, Laura Rolla.


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