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White Fang is a military terrorist organization in the After Colony timeline, dedicated to the liberation and freedom of the space colonies from control by the United Earth Sphere Alliance and OZ.


White Fang sentiments go back as far as A.C. 140 when the colonies first submitted to Alliance control. One might consider them a militant offshoot of the Colony Autonomy Organization. As early as A.C. 145, violent terrorist acts were being committed in the name of independence. The violence slowed down when pacifist leader Heero Yuy rose to prominence. After his assassination, however, the new Alliance occupation created more hatred than ever, but the stepped-up security forced the rebels to go underground.

A former follower of Heero Yuy, Quinze became a pivotal leader in the colonial independence movement. Originally he advocated pacifism, but perhaps the death of Heero Yuy twisted his spirit. He orchestrated Operation Meteor, which originally involves crashing several colonies into Earth, decimating its population. The five scientists changed the plan, sending the five Gundams to Earth in order to dismantle OZ and bring peace to the Earth Sphere through less extreme measures. However, the modified Operation Meteor failed due to Treize Khushrenada's plan, allowing OZ to take over the Earth Sphere instead.

In the chaos following the conflict between OZ and the UESA, Quinze saw a golden opportunity to avenge Heero Yuy's death. White Fang needed a leader as charismatic as Romefeller's Treize Khushrenada, so Quinze offered the position to Milliardo Peacecraft. In The Glory of Losers, it is revealed that Quinze went as far as naming the entire organization after the "White Fang", the weapon of the prototype mobile suit "Satan" that Milliardo once piloted when he was still a test pilot for the rebel army. Together, they took over the OZ Mobile Doll plant on the lunar surface and built a huge army. They also seized the space battleship Libra and made it their flagship. Its forces assembled, White Fang declared war on Earth.

During the final battle against the Earth Sphere United Nation led by Treize, in a last-ditch attempt at revenge, Quinze set Libra on a collision course with Earth, knowing that the resulting crash would destroy all life on the planet. Peacemillion collided with the Libra, saving Earth and eliminating White Fang. In the end, the White Fang party may have been wiped out, but they still achieved their goal of peace in the colonies thanks to the modified Operation Meteor.


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