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The White Dolphin is a character in After War Gundam X and appears in episodes 16 and 17.


The exact age of the White Dolphin is unknown, but what is known is that she is the first true creature that can be called a Newtype. Protected by the pod of dolphins that she travels with she fights against the Doza Fleet under the command of Doza Bale, using non-lethal methods to help save other dolphins from falling into the hands of the human that uses their brains to power the D-Navi System. Her powers call Tiffa Adill to her, and she talks with the human Newtype telepathically, telling her of her distrust and hatred of humans for the things that they do.


The White Dolphin evades capture.

As she engages Doza Bale's Fleet once more, saving the lives of her fellow dolphins, she is aided by Garrod Ran, Witz Sou, Roybea Loy, and the Freeden. Confused by the methods that the humans use, their violent behavior, and killing their own kind she asks Tiffa Adill why humans do this. At the young girls requests she determines the answer for herself and swims at the mobile suits and ships of the Doza Fleet, using her Newtype powers to cause the living brains of dolphins in the D-Navi Systems equipped on them to malfunction and explode. Her efforts allow the Freeden and its Gundams to destroy the fleet of ships and mobile suits used by Doza Bale, ending his trade in hunting dolphins for their brains.



  • While it quite nearly goes without saying, the White Dolphin is the only non-human (excluding the current form of D.O.M.E.) that is a Newtype.
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny there is a passing remark made by Andrew Waltfeld to Murrue Ramius. In Phase 17 of SEED Destiny Andrew complains "Can't they report on some news that will lift out spirits, for a change?" and Murrue replies "You mean, like the white dolphin at the aquarium gave birth to a baby dolphin?" This is likely a subtle reference to the White Dolphin from After War Gundam X.
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