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Weiss Graipe(ヴァイス・クライフ) is a fictional character from the After War Gundam X: Under the Moonlight manga.


Weiss Graipe is a former mobile suit pilot for the Space Revolutionary Army who piloted a RMS-019 Crouda during the 8th Space War. Her mobile suit was damaged in the final battle and she witnessed the destructive power of the GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X. She lost her left eye in the final battle and joined with fellow survivor Gredine in forming a new organization. She however had no interest in becoming a "terrorist" and so left the group to start a new life on Earth.

Changing her name to Weiss Krujiff, she began a career as a Vulture. Weiss eventually amassed enough wealth to own an Alps-class land battleship named the Mirage. Using the ship for both Vulture purposes and also as a traveling performer troupe, she traveled the Earth.

After taking part in a salvage contest with the crew of the Rosa Rosa, she started to work on the mystery surrounding Kai. The investigation led to the discovery of a ruined Newtype Lab as well as the GB-9700 Gundam Belphagor. Weiss was believed to have been killed when Kai attacked the ship in the Belphagor, only to appear with the rest of the crew as she led a fleet of Vulture ships against Gredine. She commands the battle from a new Rocky-class land battleship and her custom mobile suit.

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