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This article contains a list of fictional warships and spacecraft from the Cosmic Era timeline of the fictional anime Gundam metaseries.

Like any military organization, the factions in the Cosmic Era depend on multiple ships to fulfill a wide variety of tasks. Listed below are the ship classes, the known ships of that class, and a simple explanation of the role in the battlefield. Individual ships do not have pages; their information can be found on their classes respective pages.

Earth Alliance/OMNI

  • Agamemnon-class Carrier - Fleet flagships and carrier. Carries at least 12 mobile weapons; Menelaos, Ortygia, Doolittle, Oda Nobunaga
  • Hannibal-class Land Battleship - Heavy land battleship and mobile suit carrier; Bonaparte
  • FX-550 Skygrasper - Support fighter capable of carrying and using Strike's weapon packs.
  • Girty Lue-class - Earth Alliance Special Forces stealth ship, equipped with Mirage Colloid stealth system in violation of the Junius Treaty; two ships, the Girty Lue, answers to the leader of Blue Cosmos, Lord Djibril, and the Nana Balk, attacked the DSSD station to capture the AI unit of the Stargazer Gundam, was sunk by the propulsion laser from the Apollon A satellite.
  • Spengler-class Carrier - Seaborne flagship and mobile suit carrier; John Paul Jones, Powell


  • Eternal - Freedom and Justice support ship; carries two METEOR armed module units; only one ship.
  • Gondwana-class Supercarrier - Gigantic 1200-meter-long spaceship with a huge mobile suit capacity, and a total of 16 linear catapults to launch them; only one ship is known to have been built.
  • Lesseps-class Land Battleship - a large mobile suit-carrying land battleship
  • Minerva-class battleship - Trans-atmospheric Mobile Suit Assault Ship (LHM), built to operate Second Stage MS Gundam units; equipped with 2 standard linear catapults and a third dedicated catapult for the Impulse Gundam and its Silhouette packs; hangar capacity unspecified, but probably at least 10 mobile suits; LHM-BB01 Minerva
  • Nazca-class Destroyer - High-speed mobile suit carrying destroyer (DDMH), commonly used as fleet flagship; one unit was modified to use an anti-nuclear weapon known as the Neutron Stampeder; Vesalius,Voltaire,Holst
  • Petrie-class Land Cruiser - Smaller land ship that serve primarily as escorts for Lesseps-class vessels; Petrie, Henry Carter
  • Vosgulov-class Submarine Carrier - Large mobile suit-carrying submarine; Tsuigara, Vosgulov, St. Helens, Neila Bongo
  • Messiah Mobile Space Fortress - The Messiah base is a heavily armed mobile space fortress. Its most powerful weapon is the Neo-GENESIS, a smaller variant of the massive GENESIS superweapon used in the First Alliance-PLANT War.

Orb Union

  • Heli - Patrol/Combat Helicopter.
  • Izumo-class Battleship - A modular battleship/carrier, served as the basis for the development of the Archangel-class; Kusanagi, Izumo, Kusano, Tsukumiya


  • Tsiolkovsky (Civilian) - Designed and piloted by George Glenn for deep space exploration.