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Von Braun is the Gunpla Battle Team of Granada Academy of Tokushima Prefecture.


To seek better chances at winning the Gunpla Battle National Championship, Von Braun sought out the services of European Gunpla Battle Champion Lucas Kankaansyrjä, a.k.a. Lucas Nemesis. Von Braun advanced to the semi-finals, where they battled Celestial Sphere. In an unusual move, Nemesis selected two rookies as his partners; in reality, the rookies served as Plavsky Particle refueling units for Nemesis' XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth Type.GBFT, which used hit-and-run tactics on Celestial Sphere's units. Nemesis' tactic worked during the first half of the battle, but Celestial Sphere saw through it and destroyed the two Geara Doga units before cornering the Full Cloth. The Full Cloth was defeated by Wilfrid Kijima's GN-9999 Transient Gundam in the end.



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