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The Vist Foundation (ビスト財団 BISUTO Zaidan) is a company founded by the influential Vist family, the "keepers" of Laplace's Box. The Vist Foundation appears in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.


In UC 0096, the Vist Foundation is a company (under the chairmanship of Cardeas Vist) that primarily profits from trading paintings and various forms of art between Earth and the space colonies. The company is also largest stockholder of the industrial conglomerate, Anaheim Electronics (AE). This is due to manipulation by Martha Vist Carbine, the acting chairman of AE, who married into the Carbine family that established AE. It is believed that the Vist Foundation holds full control of AE and indirectly profits from arms dealing. In reality, the Vist Foundation is responsible for manipulating the events that have influenced the Earth Sphere in the Universal Century. The Vist Foundation was responsible for starting the UC Project, which eventually led to the development of the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam. Soon after Cardeas's death in UC 0096, the foundation came under the control of Martha. The principle residence of the Vist family is located in the colony builder Magallanica.


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