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The Victoria Base is a military facility and spaceport on Earth in the Cosmic Era timeline.


The Victoria Base is an Earth Alliance base, founded in CE 21 by the Eurasian Federation and the South Africa Union in east Africa and the location of the Habilis Mass Driver. It became one of ZAFT’s major attack targets during the First Alliance-PLANT War and the first battle of Victoria took place on March 8, CE 70. This battle resulted in a failure due to the lack of ground units on ZAFT’s side but when the second battle took place, 11 months later, ZAFT was able to capture the base, thus cutting off the Earth Alliance of one of its important mass drivers. After the loss of nearly all other mass drivers on Earth (including the loss of Panama Spaceport), the Alliance launched a full-scale attack on Victoria. Thanks to the newly deployed GAT-01 Strike Dagger Mobile Suit, which were deployed in huge quantities, the Alliance was able to recapture the base almost intact. Since this battle the large numbers of Strike Daggers played a major role in the remaining war. The base then became the major transport mean for the Alliance to transport personnel, mobile suits (mostly Daggers), materials, and later nuclear missiles after acquiring the blue-print data of the Neutron Jammer Canceller into space.

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