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The Metal Changer Valkylander (機竜化士(メタルチェンジャー) ヴァルキランダー?), nicknamed Morgiana by Parviz, is a Gunpla appearing in Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Parviz's SD Gunpla uses the Gundam Astraea Type-F as its base and has a Gundlander series motif.[1] It is implied that Valkylander uses the chest-mounted Dagon's Jaw as its engine unit instead of a solar reactor like its base unit.[2] It has three different transformation modes that can perform a wide variety of attacks: a unique warrior type Valkylander Mode equipped with Gun Horns on various body parts, a dragon type Gundragon Mode (機竜化士(ドラゴンチェンジャー) ガンドラゴンモード?), and a Dragon Fusion Mode (神竜合士(ゴッドクロスファイター) 龍合身(ドラゴンフュージョン)モード?) with huge wings on its back.[1]

The Gundragon mode was originally supposed to be the Gunpla's strongest mode, but it was utilized as a dinosaur without flying capability due to Parviz's emotional damage.[1] However, it was able to unleash its true powers after Parviz overcome his hardship.[1] Additionally, it was officially named Scarlet Gundragon (スカーレットガンドラゴン?) by Parviz.[1] The Gunpla also has the potential to add new optional units, and an example of such options resulted in the Avalanche Valkylander form.[1][3] The evolution of Parviz and Valkylander shows no signs of stopping.[1]


  • GN Gunsword
A standard melee weapon which resembles a treasure sword.[1] It becomes the tip of the tail and functions as a tail blade when in Gundragon Mode.[1]
  • GN Gunshield
A treasure shield that can store the GN Gunsword.[1] The strength of the combined Gundragon's face parts gives it a solid structure fit for a legendary beast.[1]
  • GN Launcher Device
A portable firearm, it fires a think wide-spreading beam.[1]
  • GN Flare Device
Another portable firearm, it emits a narrowly focused beam.[1]
  • GN Mega Flare Device
A large gun formed by combining the GN Flare Device and GN Launcher Device.[1] With additional energy supplied from the "Dagon's Jaw" chest energy intakes as well as the hair-like "Cooling Cord" cooling system operating at its maximum limit, the gun can fire a powerful blast.[1]
  • Avalanche Rex Buster
A powerful triple barrelled beam cannon used by the Valkylander.[4] It is formed from a combination of parts that were used in changing the Valkylander into the Avalanche Valkylander.[5]

Special Equipment & Features

  • Swan Wings
The Gundragon and Dragon Fusion Modes are equipped with beautiful, solid, and sharp swan wings similar to the Valkyries of Norse Mythology.[1]
  • Gundrans-Am
A unique version of the Trans-Am System utilized by the Valkylander.[6] When the system is activated, the entire Gunpla turns red, its eyes glows in an Innovator-like manner and the gold parts on the chest move back a little.[6] Presumably, the system operates like the original Trans-Am, briefly improving the equipped unit's specifications more than three-fold. Similar to the original Trans-Am, the Gundrans-Am causes the Valkylander to run out of energy after reaching its operating limit, leaving the Gunpla vulnerable.[6] It is implied that Gundrans-Am is a portmateau of Gundlander and Trans-Am.[2]

Special Attacks

  • Meteor Breath (竜火球(メテオブレス)?) & Mega Flare Burst (超竜火球弾(メガフレアバースト)?)
In Gundragon Mode, the Gunpla can shoot fireballs out of its mouth.[7] Known as "Meteor Breath", this attack was enhanced and turned into the "Mega Flare Burst" after Parviz overcome his hardship.[1]


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