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Valerio Valeri (ヴァレリオ・ヴァレリ?) is a fictional character from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Astray R.

Personality & Character

Valerio Valeri prefers that people call him V.V. (Double V). He is talented in fields of science and mechanics. V.V. has a very strong sense of elitism and he takes a lot of pride in his work and designs. V.V. is contemptuous and spiteful towards Naturals, as he feels they are inferior to Coordinators. He especially treats the Junk Guild with contempt, although he does recognize their capabilities to a degree and sees them as his opponents in development. Despite having the good physical looks of a Coordinator, he has a queer sense of fashion which often puts other people off. He also wears many small devices, which are all his own creations. Besides health monitoring and management, they can also be used for low-scale spying, analyzing opponent’s machines, and other purposes.

Despite his biases and penchant for being underhanded, V.V. still does have some sense of ideals, as he gives up something personal of his as a "treasure" for Lowe to discover after he has out-witted his plot, because for there to be an empty chest -or no chest at all- at the end of a treasure hunt would not have made for a complete trap. Doing this is also slightly cathartic to V.V., who thinks of it as magnanimous to allow his opponents to have something personal from him when they get the best of him.

Skills & Abilities


As a young man, V.V. left the PLANTs in search of opportunities for people to appreciate his talents. He currently serves as chief engineer of Actaeon Industries, and is in charge of their Actaeon Project. V.V. is hostile towards Lowe Guele in particular, and has orchestrated various traps in order to steal the artificial intelligence (AI) computer 8 from his possession. He wants 8 as he believes that analyzing it can help him in the development of an AI capable of replacing human MS pilots.



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